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Village of Ridgewood Receives Grant For an Inclusionary Playground at Habernickel Park

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photo courtesy of Village Manager Kieth Kazmark

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to the Ridgewood Village Manger , Ridgewood received some great news this week! The Department of Community Affairs has awarded the Village a $68,000 Local Recreation Improvement Grant (LRIG) to help offset the cost of a new inclusionary playground at Habernickel Park. This upgrade, along with the new pavilion (slated to be installed this fall) will add additional benefits to the use and aesthetics of the park.

An inclusive playground is an open and safe space carefully designed to promote play among children of differing abilities, ages, and communities. It gives children with and without any disability the same platform to play while breaking down barriers, both physically and socially.

Village Manager Kieth Kazmark praised the Village Parks and Rec Department ,”Great job to our Parks and Recreation Department for aggressively pursuing these funds.”

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33 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Receives Grant For an Inclusionary Playground at Habernickel Park

  1. Will the soil be tested for contaminants prior to construction?

    1. Uhh, excuse me, but we poison all our children equally in this town.

    2. Doubtful

    3. It better be since we know the water department dumped at Habernickel

    4. Let’s hope so but knowing this council I doubt it.

    5. Post of the day !

  2. Once you take their money (get your taxes back), they own you and they can tell you what you can do with the property.

    1. The aluminum foil is in the second drawer.

  3. “An inclusive playground is an open and safe space carefully designed to promote play among children of differing abilities, ages, and communities. ”

    Can they keep gang members from Paterscum out?

    1. Ha! Open your eye’s..
      They are already here.

  4. A glow in the dark playground.

  5. I hope they put the pavilion in an area that benefits all park users and sporting events. I saw they want to put it by that garden and the parking lot

    1. That’s a stupid spot. Will only benefit the business. Can only see the garden and the parking lot. It’s our tax dollars not a NY resident who owns a Jersey business

  6. Full hazmat gear and signed waiver necessary before being admitted to playground area.

  7. Physically challenged children playing on potentially contaminated soil. That’s going to play very poorly in the press and in the courts.

    1. Sounds like a self-correcting problem to me.

    2. Actually any children. But I get what you are saying

  8. From comments on Facebook it looks like the pavilion will be more or less a bus stop for healthbarn. They are saying it will be built where the barn was. That will be behind the garden and you cannot view anything from there. Why?

    1. Just another favor with our money. Thanks Nan

  9. What a mess. Why would they build on soil that may or may not be contaminated? They should check it first before building

  10. If that’s where the new pavilion that tax payers is going to be people better wake up.

    That has a sole use for Healthbarn only

    Like ^^^said literally will be a bus stop for all the bus traffic the business brings in. NO use to anyone else

  11. So the Village approved a spend of $340,000 for the Habernickle pavillion with the bathrooms to come next year. How much does the inclusive playground cost? Residents were told that the a grant may offset some of the cost of constructing the pavillion. Hopefully we can get some answers.

    1. All in the smallest park in town. Why Nan. Why so much interest in Habernickel ?

      Go pick on another park for a while. There are a ton that could use some upkeep

  12. In my opinion, all of the park amenities are meaningless unless a clean bill of health can be provided to residents and visitors. Just because a park looks pretty does not mean that it is safe. The village would have taken no action to test the soil at Schedler, despite the public outcry by residents who reinforce the dumping that took place on that property. Therefore, if residents don’t take action the village will likely do nothing and pretend everything is operation normal even though that might not be the case. The time has come to take action and call state officials to let them know that the wrong things are being prioritized by our Mayor and majority council, Winograd, Weitz and Perron. Toxic soil is not okay for our kids to play on.

    1. Isn’t food grown and eaten from the garden over there?

  13. Are they re-building a new playground on contaminated soil as per an article I read about dumping at Habernickel park

    And the pavilion is to cover up the possible contaminated soil from the barn?

  14. The responsible thing would be to ensure proper soil testing is performed prior to anything being enhanced or built on that property. I still also do not understand why a very expensive pavillion needs to be constructed for a tenant who runs a non profit and a private business. Nix the pavillion which was a special new toy for Healthbarn and when soil testing comes back clean, then build a nice playground. At this point, the village is in for some big bills to clean up soil in multiple locations (Schedler, Town Garage, possibly Healthbarn) so we really don’t have extra dollars for silly whims that have no real value in the real world. If a lightening shelter is needed you can buy one for several thousand dollars not $350k. A quick google search yields a great deal that surely will solve the problem. In stock and ready to ship Portable Kwik Goal Custom Shelter w/ Molded Seats
    Anthem, As low as $11,065.00

    1. Slight correction. Healthbarn in the gate house aka Habernickel is NOT NON profit. Don’t be fooled. It is private business with very large profits Only menial rent goes to the village

  15. And what the employees. Are they going to check up with them. We hope so.

  16. $68K will cover daily coffee for the construction workers…not much of an award.

  17. CONTAMINATION-Schedler 100% confirmed, Habernickel 0% confirmed or commented on by VC.

    INVESTIGATION-0% completed, no clear understanding why this is not happening when residents have asked for this numerous times.

    RIDGEWOOD CHILDREN-100% deserve better than this and the public should not be subjected to sub par standards and good governance.

    The residents do not want to hear any more excuses. You need to test all of the soil, wherever you believe dumping of contaminated soil has occured.

    The bar is being raised and we are being watched by many other towns to see how we dig ourselves out of this serious situation, so now is the time to step it up and “doing the best you can” may not achieve the desired results that are expected by concerned citizens that are tired of hearing excuses.

  18. Council, have that soil tested and sign no contract or plan no additional construction of any kind until the place has been declared safe. And then drop the whole idea, which we cannot afford and do not need.

  19. Habernickel needs to be tested before any more money is used over there

    Where the dumping occurred years ago and where the infested stable stood

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