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Village of Ridgewood Says NO to Residents Placing Garbage Bags on Curbs

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Ridgewood NJ, the Village of Ridgewood provides rear yard garbage pickup to all residential homes. The garbage must be in containers, with lids on them. If residents choose to bring their garbage to the curb, the garbage must also be in containers, with a lid. The containers may not be placed on the curb prior to 5:00 p.m. on the night before the collection and must be placed no later than 6:00 a.m. on the day of collection. All containers must be removed from the curb and returned to the resident’s property no later than 11:59 p.m. on the day of collection. Residents placing garbage bags at the curb, that are not in a container, will receive a warning and then a summons, if the garbage bags continue not to be containerized.

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16 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Says NO to Residents Placing Garbage Bags on Curbs

  1. During the fake covid emergency, someone came up with the dumb idea of temporary curbside.
    Covid should have no bearing on garbage pickup unless we had sick employees.
    The garbage men are paid on ‘task work’ so once the route is done, they go home.
    Hence the reason they move fast so they can go home early. (the covid curbside was basically a paid vacation)
    They are paid a LOT more than a private carter, get excellent benefits and pension .
    Do them a favor on a hot day leave some cold bottled water on the can for them.

  2. Well recycling and yard waste is at the curb. The crews that work on yard waste do not go home Early. They don’t have task, they don’t have benefits, they don’t have a pension, they don’t get overtime, they don’t even get water. And all the cans are extremely heavy.

    1. lol …. nice try

    2. Yard waste ad says that they get 20 per hour up to 22.
      The garbagemen get union benefits, task work contract, pension and medical. If they worked at a private carter they wouldnt get a fraction of it.
      They are well compensated and I’m fine with that as long as the lids go back on the top of my can where it belongs after its picked up in the rear yard. Not all of use are here 7 days a week but we do subsidize those that are.
      Recycling employees are on the same union task work as garbagemen.

  3. Really ?

    We let Aronsohn and Saraceno carve up the town but we can’t leave a Hefty bag by the curb in the morning…?

    1. If you like hefty bags feeding the rats, please move back to brooklyn.
      Many of us old timers who spend only a few days here don’t want to look at your trash, but we cheerfully subsidize your kids in school.

  4. No it’s not a nice try. It’s the truth . So many residents are so confused, they can put yard waste cans recycling and cleanup at the curb. The trash cans mustang in the back of your house. I know many residents pull their trash out from the back of their house, many do not want anyone walking in their backyard for privacy reasons. And you have to respect that. And that is a fact.

  5. I would never let the pickup guys come into my back or side of the house. Not even in my driveway. They are in always in a mad rush, noisy and totally careless. Twice they have scratched my cars in the driveway while running with their trash bins. I learned my lesson and now I put my trash bin by the curb.
    Oh and no Christmas gift for being so careless with private property.

    1. You are joking, right? Thirty years and not a single problem similar to you describe. They occasionally miss a pick-up and when I call, they promptly come back out to get me trash.

      Our sanitation workers are the best and I appreciate them each and every day!

      1. Nice guys yes, but careless as well. I too have had my car scratched by their cans.

        1. Been in town a very, very long time. I have never heard of the Sanitation workers scratching cars. I see them leave their big barrels out front, walk into the back, collect bags and then come out front with the bags. So they must have scratched cars with the soft garbage bags?? Or someone is telling a fib?

  6. I don’t want anyone in my backyard, and the mayor council and management should address this immediately and they should advise all residents to put the garbage by the garage door. Why would the village want their employees to go in the back yards of residence where kids are playing people are swimming sunbathing, think about it, putting their employees at risk, there are so many aspects that can happen. Wake up open your eyes think. We’re in a different world today.

    1. You must have just moved here. Nobody wants to look at your trashcan
      Read the code.
      Cans rear yard.
      No parking cars on lawns.
      No boats in yards.
      No commercial trucks in yards.
      No motor homes in yards.
      No garages converted to rooms.
      No overgrown lawns
      No peeling paint
      No basketball nets hanging over into the street (hint to those of you by travel= when your net hits a garbage truck injuring a village employee you’re going to get sued even tho the code enforcement turns a blind eye to this violation)
      All of the above preserve the property values
      Lets not turn this into south waldwick since you just blessed us with your presence.

  7. Why aren’t you hard waste crew’s on task. Doesn’t make sense. So that picture of the garbage truck that’s on fire is because someone left the bag on the curb. Can the garbage truck still go on fire if they drag the garbage from the driveway. The town has an ordinance that when there’s snow and ice please bring your sanitation cans to the end of your driveway. That’s OK though right. Double standard. That’s because so many employees have gotten hurt on private property from slipping on ice and snow. What about employees slipping or tripping in other weather conditions when it’s raining, slippery grass, muddy property, objects Laying all over the place, loose walkways, this is all bullshit. Everyone should bring their cans to the driveway in front of the garage door. The town is leaving themselves up to a lawsuit. Which happened before right.

  8. Some of your people real lazy that’s what it comes how to be. You can’t bring your trashcan to the car but yeah you could bring a yard waste and recycling and cleanouts to the curb. I don’t get it, what do you think you’re getting something for your taxes backyard pick up please stop your bullshit. People do not move into Ridgewood because his backyard pick up. Some of your people living in a bubble. Wait till it pops again. You’ll be the first one crying how can we lower our taxes. Can we have a sanitation crew pick up the garbage at the curb, yes you can. It might save you about $200 here no big deal right . I need to go right now I need to water my lawn so the grass grows like a film I get up with Chris at the curb thank you.

    1. The reason your taxes are high is the bloated school budget
      Rear yard trash pickup, paid fire dept and professional police dept are a small portion of the tax bill and are a bargain compared to other towns.
      Garbage cans belong in the rear yard.
      If there ever was curbside instituted, all of the workers get laid off and we get a private contractor (no pensions, no big salaries, no medical, and no investment in expensive equipement)
      why do people like you complain about the ONE thing that differentiates us from Paterson?
      I noticed people like you back your cars in the driveway…nuff said

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