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Village of Ridgewood sign pictured, purchased with your tax dollars by the village manager, violates 2 village ordinances

garber square LED sign

March 26,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Note that the sign pictured, purchased with your tax dollars by the village manager, violates 2 village ordinances. <i>A study conducted in 2006 by Virginia Tech for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that anything that takes a driver’s eyes off of the road for more than two seconds greatly increases the risk of a crash.  The same study also concluded that nearly 80% of all crashes involved driver inattention just prior (within three (3) seconds) of the crash.</i> This sign sits at one of three roads in town that cross the train tracks and handles a massive volume of pedestrians, cars, and now sports a bike lane. So, do as we say, not as we do.  <i>The Swedish research team suggests that digital billboards attract greater attention from drivers due to their: brightness; visibility from greater distances; and display of a constantly-changing series of advertisements. The team concluded that digital billboards “have the potential ability to keep up the driver’s curiosity over an extended period of time.” Previous human behavioral studies have shown that drivers are naturally inclined to notice bright, changing lights in their peripheral vision and to anticipate additional motion. The Swedish government had previously given temporary authorization to erect digital billboards in 2009, but as a result of this and related studies; the government has now ordered the removal of all digital billboards.</i>

13 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood sign pictured, purchased with your tax dollars by the village manager, violates 2 village ordinances

  1. You buried the lede: Free Market Laissez-Faire Blog Looks to Sweden for Policy Guidance.

  2. Yes, Welcome To Ridgewood!

    Watch it transform before your very eyes to an unappealing crowded city.

  3. The new enforcement employee should present a ticket to Roberta.

    When is Greek to Me getting a ticket?

  4. The sign above does not serve any practical purpose except waste taxpayers money.

  5. 8:43, that is really funny. 🙂

  6. Soon the sign will be welcoming Hache, Voight, and Walsh. Can’t wait for July 1. Bye bye Roberta too.

  7. The village does not need to follow its own ordinances. Period.

  8. get rid of this POS eyesore

  9. That’s the point 6:46, if you feel it is ok to flaunt it with a useless and dangerous sign like this, what credibility do you have

  10. “Welcome to the east side of RIdgewood if you survive reading this sign at this intersection.”

  11. Bill m. None, zero, zilch. They were also willing to go 18 feet into Hudson street and obliterate many other zoning laws as they see fit. They just don’t care. They flaunt it because they can.

  12. I 100% agree. The sign sticks out like a sore thumb, and is certainly distracting to drivers in a very busy and complicated intersection. At the very, very, least it should be Maroon. Why “Money Green”? To match the death path? Yikes!

  13. Slightly related: if you develop more than 400 square feet of your property, you are required to offset the reduction in porous surface area for rainwater runoff purposes. So you will need a cistern, either above or below ground. This is coming from the village government that built a palatial municipal building in a flood plain, with no elevation to account for flooding.

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