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Village of Ridgewood Special Public Meeting on Multi-Family Housing


Special Public Meeting – Multi-Family Housing

Ridgewood NJ, There will be a Village Council Special Public Meeting held on Friday, January 8, 2016 @ 5PM in the Court Room at Village Hall. Various Consultants will be presenting proposals for the 4 Multi-Family Housing Studies covering; fiscal impact, traffic, education & municipal infrastructure.

Planning Board and Historic Preservation Commission – Proposed Master Plan Amendment to Permit High Density Multifamily Housing Around the CBD

9 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Special Public Meeting on Multi-Family Housing

  1. Why not have it in the middle of the day so you can be assured very few will turn out?

    1. perhaps because most people have Jobs?

  2. hummmmm,

  3. Only one person has a job.

  4. If you want to call being a lawyer a job. I have other names for it but civility keep me from post them.

  5. I love how they “bury” this meeting on a Friday at 5pm so the least amount of residents who wish to attend are able to – way to go Ridgewood – And when I try to voice my concerns and ask questions via email since Incannoy attend a meeting maybe one or two council members will ever respond, if at all, but never really answer my questions –

  6. Watch for another attempt to rescind the vote for additional studies on the apartments

  7. This is absurd. Bury it on a Friday Paul. Whatever happened to making sure THE PUBLIC had a voice.

  8. Boarders on public corruption

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