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Village of Ridgewood Yard Waste and Leaf Collection

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Ridgewood NJ, Village of Ridgewood leaf collection is right around the corner, this is just a small reminder to residents . Details of the yard waste and leaf pick in the Village should be out shortly .

Yard Waste Collection

Yard Waste refers to grass clippings, plant trimmings, branches, twigs, and leaves.

The yard waste collection program begins on April 15th.  Follow the collection schedule for your property, as contained in the annual printed Green Guide, on the Recycle Coach mobile application, on the Village website, and in the printed Village calendar.

For curbside pickup, place grass clippings and brush in a barrel (no larger than 32 gallons or heavier than 80 pounds), or in a paper biodegradable lawn/leaf bag. Branches (up to 3 feet in length and 2 inches in diameter – no logs) should be bundled and tied. All items must be placed at the curb. No plastic bags or Village recycling barrels will be picked up.

Leaf Collection

From October 21 to December 20, leaves are to be placed directly in the street in accordance with the schedule for your respective area. A schedule and instructions will be sent to your home in October. Branches/brush will not be collected curbside during leaf collection season, but may be brought to the Recycling Center during normal working hours.

Yard Waste & Leaf Drop-off

Yard waste and leaves are accepted for drop-off at the recycling center, located at 203 E. Glen Avenue (behind Fire Headquarters) from 8am – 3pm, Monday through Saturday. To dispose of yard waste at the recycling center, residents must have proof of residency.  Plastic bags of vegetative waste may be brought to the Recycling Center, but must be slit open and emptied into the truck by residents.

Compost & Mulch

At times, compost and/or mulch that is processed at Ridgewood’s compost site is made available to Ridgewood residents. Please call 201-670-5585 for information.

7 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Yard Waste and Leaf Collection

  1. Nothing better than using the lawn mower to pickup the leaves…..

  2. Yeah then why are you still going to dump them in the street. You’re not going to put them in a can or a bag. Everything in the street enjoy.

  3. I’m burning mine .

  4. Wait until next month around Thanksgiving time then you will hear the crybabies crying all day long. How come my screen is not clean before Thanksgiving day. My in-laws can’t park, please park and walk. There should be no problem this year because of Covid no large gatherings right.

  5. Some one will cry about leaves.

  6. I think Mr Leaf Blower has footie pajamas.

  7. Nov 5, 2020- Area “B”: had first “Downes” Vacum- truck team go down the south side of Morningside Rd between N Monroe and Jackson Terrace on Tues. 11/3. It crossed over N Monroe towards Willard, appeared to turn around to come back up the other side but it did not return. With decent stretch of weather the next week, it would be nice to see them come back for the other side (no curb/sidewalk) and then up N Monroe to Waldwick border (both sides). Priority should be given to heavy traveled streets and especially to those without curbs and sidewalks.

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