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Village of Ridgewood Yard Waste Collection Begins April 11th



Ridgewood Nj , Yard Waste season will start on April 11th in Area A. Please do not place any yard waste (branches or twigs) at the curb until your date for yard waste collection begins. The schedule is printed in the 2016 Village Calendar. The Village is divided into four areas and collection takes place at the curb following that schedule. The Recycling Center on E. Glen Avenue will take yard waste now if you want to drop it off.  For further questions, please call 201/670-5585.

11 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Yard Waste Collection Begins April 11th

  1. Yeah so don,t blow out your clean up,s into the road like the bum’s on my block on hillcrest’rd .

  2. some one said that we can bring yard waste behind the fire house.

  3. Yes you can 6:52 They have a truck or a container for that.

  4. Has the Village Manager come up with a solution to the problem she created with ticketing?

    Sending out tickets is unfair to residents. Who does she work for?

  5. 6:52 – you can bring your yard waste to the recycling center. I was there today with 4 cans of leaves. It is extremely convenient . . . you can pull right up to the truck and unload. Usually, one of the guys comes over to help me (I am a women in my mid-50’s and nothing to look at, for sure!). And during the fall, they will give you leave bags to use. I have a huge piece of property and it’s easier for me to bag, load them in my van and dump the bags (I reuse them).

    The nice thing is if you have branches and other bulky stuff, you can just dump it. You don’t have to cut it up and all.

  6. The recycling center is the unsung gem of Ridgewood.

  7. 948 and 949… great points… the people that work there are great and are always willing to help unload if you need it….

  8. I like going to the recycling center too.
    its great to pay for services and them perform them yourself.
    so great!

  9. 5:06pm – you’re an a$$; you know damn well no one forces anyone to go to the Recycling Center. You don’t “pay for services and them (your typo, not mine) perform them yourself.” My curbside service is excellent but I like the convenience of the Recycling Center and I am not alone. Lots of people there at all hours of the day (8am – 3pm). I have a large deep piece of property and it’s far easier for me to put my stuff in the car and drive it over than haul it out to the street. I really don’t want to haul my leaves 350′ from the back lawn to the curb. And six days a week I can drop off that old giant printer or TV or bricks.

  10. sounds good, more people need to use this place. some just through the shit right into the road.

  11. yeah, clean up in front of your home.

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