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Village Offices Closed February 12th and February 15th


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridewood NJ, In observance of the Lincoln’s Birthday and President’s Day holidays, all Village of Ridgewood offices will be closed on Friday, February 12th and Monday, February 15th.  There will be no garbage or recycling collection & the Recycling Center will also be closed.


9 thoughts on “Village Offices Closed February 12th and February 15th

  1. No pre notice on NO REGULAR FRIDAY GARBAGE PICK UP So it is all out on the front curbs awaiting a sunday snow storm

  2. You do know that they come to the backyard to pick up your garbage…. right?

  3. As long as there isA safe walkway to the garbage cans.

  4. Because it’s very dangerous for guys that hang on the outside of a moving truck to walk down a snowy driveway.

  5. They should keep the garbage cans at the end of the driveway for now on. No village employees should be going behind peoples houses on private property. It’s the stupidest thing, just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  6. I pay for rear yard garbage collection.
    If you like to look at cans on the curb move to waldwick

  7. How much do you really think you pay for backyard pick up, maybe $200 out of your taxes do the math nitwit.
    All cans should be brought at least to the driveway not on the curb, but at the end of the driveway. No village employee should be walking behind any residence dwelling. It’s keeping the village open for a lawsuit, getting hurt, or uncomfortable position with kids family members in the backyard, it’s not good. Time to wake up.

  8. I know , screw the that I bring my cans to the end of my drive way.

  9. We pay for REAR YARD pickup
    If you douchebags like to look at garbage cans on the curb move to paterson
    you newbies should keep your NYC habits to yourselves and move back to NY
    our taxes pay for this. there is ZERO savings for curbside pickup except a further decline of a once nice town. We pay our own employees since a private carter wants curbside. make no mistake about it, we pay PENSIONS BENEFITS MEDICAL and GENEROUS SALARY. If it goes to the curb the jobs go OUT THE DOOR and PRIVATE CARTER will do it like midland park
    it wont save any taxes but will make the town look like shit
    you lazy assholes leave your cans at the curb for days along with recylcling containers
    how come the town doesnt give you fines
    maybe ill go make a list and bring it downtown with pictures

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