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>Village Officials Continue to Ignore Unsafe Road Conditions on Marshall Street near Franklin Avenue

>The Fly and The Spider are both curious to know why Ridgewood Police Department, Street Department, and Construction Code officials continue to ignore the cause of icy road conditions on Marshall Street near the intersection of Franklin Avenue.

A building contractor working on a Marshall Street home continually pumps ground water from a foundation under construction directly into the street. At this time of year, the water freezes relatively quickly, turning the south end of Marshall Street into a virtual ice skating rink.

Wouldn’t you think that an alert police officer, or police supervisor (if they ever leave the comfort of the police station), might have noticed this condition and taken action? Or maybe someone from Sanitation, Recycling, etc.?

Are The Fly and The Spider the only folks in Ridgewood not asleep at the switch? Tony Merlino – are you there?

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