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Volta Charging stations installed at Overpeck County Park

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Ridgefield Park  NJ , this week the Bergen County Board of Commissioners and I were glad to announce that the County has doubled its public electric vehicle charging capacity thanks to the addition of four new Volta Level-2 EV chargers located in our Bergen County Parks System. The new chargers, stationed in the Ridgefield Park section of Overpeck County Park, come at no expense to Bergen County taxpayers thanks to an existing public-private partnership between the County of Bergen and Volta.

So far the Volta Charging stations in our parks system have been a great success, powering nearly 40,000 miles of free EV driving to date in over 2800 single use charging sessions.
Electric vehicles are the future of transportation and the County of Bergen is proud to support our residents who have already embraced the transition. My administration remains steadfast in our commitment to utilizing clean renewable energy and promoting sustainability. That is why we will continue to add electric vehicles to our county fleet and expand our EV charging footprint in our parks at every opportunity

3 thoughts on “Volta Charging stations installed at Overpeck County Park

  1. Who’s paying for this, we the taxpayers.

  2. Jimmy T. really needs to lose a few pounds.

  3. Absolutely nothing is free. Explain this, anyone? If the funding is coming from the public private partnership between the County of Bergen and Volta, then where did that funding come from?

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