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Voters Get Buyers Remorse On the Aronsohn, Pucciarelli and Hauck Team


Voters Get Buyers Remorse On the Aronsohn , Pucciarelli and Hauck Team

Aronsohn is a snake and now that he has the microphone that will become more and more evident. Someone who really supported him (put together meetings etc…) said to me the other night that he can not believe how bad he is and he regrets helping him. He was opportunistic in aligning himself with Pucciarelli and Houck because he knew that would get him elected.

Pucciarelli has an agenda and Houck is a puppet. Aronshohn will twist and turn which ever way the wind is blowing. Have you ever spoken with him? He is not the brightest bulb in the box. The three of them repeated over and over one of the first things they were going to do if elected was to replace Gabbert. I might have missed something this morning but as of last night Gabbert was still in Village Hall.

Arohnson is not someone who should be trusted on anything at anytime. He is going to help turn downtown Ridgewood into Hackensack and Valley into Hackensack Medical Center North.

11 thoughts on “Voters Get Buyers Remorse On the Aronsohn, Pucciarelli and Hauck Team

  1. He brought Gabbert up in the meeting the other night to deflect attention from his wrong doing. When backed into a corner bring the raise up again?! I’m sure next step is giving Gabbert his walking papers and then we’ll really never get to the bottom of the scandal.

    1. Gabbert made himself the story again by taking money for a position he told us was volunteer. Something so out of line he’s getting smacked down by the county exec. Someone that should be a supporter of his.

  2. Years ago Ridgewood was a place governed by people with conservative values and principles. This created a wonderful community that was the envy of most other places in NJ. Then “progressives” started moving in because they too saw it as a great village in which to establish roots and raise families.


    The three “progressives” currently running our village (Aronsohn , Pucciarelli and Hauck) don’t want Ridgewood to be a quiet village, they want it to be a mini-city. If that is what you want too, then keep supporting them. But if you want to keep your village, fight these three tooth and nail or else you may be following the Barbaloots, Swami Swans and Humming-Fish out of town.

  3. Look for Aronsohn and Pucciarelli to try to deflect their shortcoming on to something or someone else. I would suspect some big announcement in the coming weeks ahead to get them off the front page. Don’t be fooled. That how he operates

  4. They are exactly the way I thought they would be. Out next election.

  5. I knew I should have voted for Train

  6. Where have you gone, Keith Killion.

    The village turns it’s lonely eyes to you.

  7. “Gone to flowers everywhere”

  8. When they banded together as a group to be voted on I knew that they were just pledging allegiance to each other.

    “Can’t we all just get along?’

  9. Keith your mechanic say’s “tell’em all see ya later”

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