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Voting With Their feet Americans Continue to Flee High Tax States

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Ridgewood NJ, Americans continue to vote with their feet, in an acceleration of pre-COVID trends way from California and the Northeast and to the South.

The Census Bureau reported Net Domestic Migration by Region July 1 2020 to July 1 2021:

Northeast -389,638
West -144,941
Midwest -123,103
South +657,682
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And here is 2021 by state:
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Finally, the chart below shows that over the past 12 years the pace of migration out of high-tax states to no-income tax states has accelerated. Since 2010, more than 4 million Americans on net have left for no income tax states.

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6 thoughts on “Voting With Their feet Americans Continue to Flee High Tax States

  1. I’ll keep my house in NJ because I do like living here.
    I will buy a small place in FLA eventually, and spend my ‘181 days in exile’ , becoming a resident of Florida, so NJ can’t pick my pocket when I croak.
    The state of NJ still has an inheritance tax if you don’t pass your money to a spouse or a child.
    Another way to screw those without children in the schools in addition to making us subsidize families

  2. All that private college never worked for Libs. They never get that raising taxes makes taxpayers leave the State. Still, I guess majoring in basket weaving or gender studies never got into economics.

  3. every time an empty nester long time residents sells, the new buyer is some NYC couple with children who will take up space in the schools
    the long time empty nesters get ZIP-POINT-SHIT from the town. and do so willingly since we choose to live somewhere, and the ambiance of the village is attractive (as long as we don’t get any more of the montclair type housing)
    We subsidize your kids. PERIOD. Without us your taxes would be much higher.
    If we choose to leave en-mass, the schools will be overwhelmed, and new classrooms will need to be built, class sizes will increase, and more teachers will need to be hired, or there will be split sessions. (and your kid will still be a poor learner)
    We don’t expect a ‘thank you’ note with our property tax bills, but do yourself a favor… lose the attitude and enjoy your ‘temporary’ stay here while ‘treading water’ financially before you move back to brooklyn after your last rugrat graduates RHS.

  4. Jesus, I guess entitlement does not fade with age.

    “I’m leaving, so let me insult those who will someday leave, for leaving”. LOL.

  5. And in about 10 years those red states will be turning blue. Red states throw out the welcome mat but those new residents do bring their voting habits with them.

  6. heres a thought…
    how about all of us with spare bedrooms invite some less fortunate kids from Newark and Paterson to move in and take advantage of our schools…
    then lets see the reaction of the liberals who we subsidize.

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