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UPDATE: Washington Township Police :Bear Alert

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Twp of Washington NJ, Washington Township Police :Bear Alert .A black bear  has been located in the center of town area. Please stay away and DO NOT for any reason engage it. Contact the police department if it is acting aggressive.

Earlier today the bear was reported eating out of a dumpster at the “Dog House ” across from the Fresh Grocer Shopping center on Pascack road . No work on the bears current whereabouts, or whether he or she is “smarter than you average bear”.

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5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Washington Township Police :Bear Alert

  1. A “black” bear, really? Why was it necessary to say the bear was black, why not just say a bear?

    When criminals steal cars in Bergen County, the police and media refuse to say the suspects are black. Why are bears being discriminated against? C’mon it’s 2022.

  2. Come on

  3. saw a Coyote on Hillcrest this morning too

  4. Where’s his mask?

  5. I mean really don’t you have anything else better to do but find fault with that. It’s a black bear. Deal with it.

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