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We will be back in action this afternoon !


8 thoughts on “We will be back in action this afternoon !

  1. Content is king !

    Anything new with the Tree Czar…? Have they found his replacement yet…?

  2. Who’s the tree czar .???

  3. What about the replacement of the varsity softball coaching staff? Any names announced?

  4. New softball coach – – ?

  5. What happened to Patty…?

    Did the parents take out another coach…?

  6. Did they ever find that tree Foreman.
    And speaking of foreman , supervisors, don’t they supposed to be working. We believe that their all and we mean all, working Foreman/ Supervisors whatever you wanna call them Supposed to be working with their cruise not just riding around.

  7. Patty “retired”

  8. “Retired” that’s BOE speak for quit.

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