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We Would Tell You More About the New Hudson Garage Surveillance  System but, “then We’d have to kill you”

Hudson garage

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Village Council remains tight lipped over the new surveillance  system install at the Hudson Parking Garage .

The Village Manager Heather Mailander was particularly adamant that the details should remain one of the Villages most closely guarded secrets.

village council

photo by Boyd loving

During Wednesday’s Council meeting, listeners to the ZOOM meeting thought any minute she would break into , “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you” mode.

hear for yourself:
All we know from the meeting is that there are cameras in the Hudson garage , whereabouts unknown  and that perhaps 6 (maybe) are going to be added under the new surveillance updates .


4 thoughts on “We Would Tell You More About the New Hudson Garage Surveillance  System but, “then We’d have to kill you”

  1. Why is this a problem? Standard procedure not to publicly discuss security procedures.

  2. Why is security so paramount at this one location in Ridgewood?
    Why is it necessary to have extra secrecy about this one location in Ridgewood?

    Is there a particular crime problem with this location?
    Is there an anticipation of increased nefarious behavior in this location?

    How could we have not anticipated this situation BEFORE the garage was built?

    IF ONLY someone alerted the VC that building a massive garage in this location would be a crime magnet…..

  3. Some of us had big concerns but at the time we were fighting against an even larger garage which would have towered over Mount Carmel, infringed on Hudson making it difficult for emergency vehicles, removed much of the on street parking in the area and so much more. The best plan was totally ignored and that was former Council member Pat Mancuso who wanted to repave the Hudson Street parking lot and add a single tier on Franklin and possibly at another location. Everyone who was actually thinking about the garage and it’s implications knew that shoppers and diners were rarely going to use it. The prices currently being charged commuters may never make up the incurred deficits. The only bright spot is that the tunnel going under the Hudson is going through and this will make Ridgewood a commuters dream, bringing more business to the town and home prices will go up as we will be considered the best bet for those who cannot or do not want to live in NYC but work there. Already it is happening to some degree.

  4. “Removed much of the on street parking”
    Next to the PARKING GARAGE…You can’t make this shit up.

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