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Wealthy People and Companies are Leaving the Northeast for Sunshine , Pro Business Policies and Lower taxes

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, yes that’s right tax the rich but according to the New York Post analysis which found that almost 1,000 people a day are moving to Florida ,mostly from the northeast. Its seems high taxes, high crime rates and lock downs have taken there toll.

The stampede seems to be accelerating. Consider these recent news items:

Football great Tom Brady and model Gisele Bündchen are now in Miami Beach. They are being joined in the region by many other high-income earners who plan to live full-time in Florida rather than being “snowbirds.”

Elliott Management, a $41 billion hedge fund, run by Paul Singer, is moving its Manhattan headquarters to South Florida. It was quickly followed by Carl Icahn, who moved his asset management firm to Florida.

Blackstone Equity, a private equity firm, is moving from New York to South Florida. Goldman Sachs is likely relocating part of its asset management operations to south Florida.

Ken Griffin, who runs the largest financial firm in Chicago, is opening an office in Miami. Another Chicago-based firm, the $8 billion Balyasny Asset Management, is also opening a Miami office.

The list goes on: Venture capitalists David Blumberg and Keith Rabois have fled San Francisco for Miami. Bluecrest Capital Management has opened a Miami office. Verition Fund Management has open one in nearby Boca Raton.

Florida is convincing high-worth professionals in the prime of their careers to abandon their local networks to become full-time residents. Aided by the pro-business policies of Governor Ron De Santis, a kind of asset Gold Rush is pouring into the state and transforming its image.


3 thoughts on “Wealthy People and Companies are Leaving the Northeast for Sunshine , Pro Business Policies and Lower taxes

  1. who will be left here to feed the tax machine so the union public employees can feed at the trough

  2. Then why did Donald Tepper move back to NJ?

  3. David not Donald

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