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Wednesday night is the public hearing and final adoption of the 2024 Village of Ridgewood Budget

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Wednesday night is the public hearing and final adoption of the 2024 Village of Ridgewood Budget. The meeting begins at 7:30 pm in the Court Room at Village Hall. Over the past month, the Village Hall team worked to highlight the many priorities in the 2024 budget.

Village Manager Keith Kazmark said on Facebook ,” We hope this process – both at budget hearings and through our communications efforts – has kept the public informed, as full transparency is and will continue to be our goal.”


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14 thoughts on “Wednesday night is the public hearing and final adoption of the 2024 Village of Ridgewood Budget

  1. Pee Wee’s Playhouse !

  2. Pay up Ridgewood property owners!

    1. Squeeeeeeeeze them!

  3. I hope they put enough money in the budget to have sweepers run seven days a week, because the roads are filthy and they’re just not getting cleaned. With the taxpayers demand the service the streets are definitely dirty now then five years ago we don’t know if they change their routine and sweeping, or, they don’t have the personnel. I guess we need to drain more people to run this reapers so they’re out seven days a week just like New York City. It definitely warrants it because yourself roads are filthy. It’s amazing how the same roads keep on getting swept over and over again and yet you go to the outskirts of the village and the roads are filthy , why is that someone lazy to drive the sweeper to all the outskirts of the village which is it. we are not sure who’s in charge of this, but we feel the village manager needs to get involved.
    Thank you
    Taxpayers of the village

    1. Good lord…with the corruption and absolute bullshit going on at village hall THIS is what your worried about?

    2. it seems that on the rare occasion that I see a sweeper on my street, its the same day of the week that recycling containers are out. The people put them in the street instead of on the curb so the sweeper has to go around
      Suggestion… DONT sweep on recycle day.. i know people arent paid to ‘think’ around here

  4. Must watch TV !!

  5. Why is the American flag at half staff at the Ridgewood Water Co. building Maple Ave.? today?

    1. A Village employee passed away. The municipality’s court administrator.

  6. I live in the lawns and can say, my road is ok. When the sweepers come by, they do a good 2, 3 time sweep up and down .My two cents.

  7. They are not sweeping like they did years ago. Supposedly one of the old sweeper Operator retired.and the new ones just don’t do the same job . It shows and they don’t care. They need to Switch operators. The village manager should put them on yard waste.

  8. What ,one of the comments up top they are suggesting there is corruption in the village wall. Well if that’s true obviously you have inside information. Why don’t you contact the prosecutors office or is it all bullshit or Writing on the bathroom wall. Yes, attack spares are all on board regarding heaven sweepers seven days a week we vote. Yes, yes,yes. Yes.

    1. I had the same thought. There days people just say “corruption” or “fake news” as if they are making a point.

      There is a lack of critical thinking in our discourse. Uninformed people seem to be the loudest.

  9. I don’t know any stories of actual corruption but there are serious systemic issues that don’t seem to get fixed and probably some strange nepotism issues, cronyism with a helalthy dose of bad judgement and ethical dilemmas that are a speacial little domething extra courtesy of the bad actors on the council that makes up Paul’ Vagianos’ magical mystery tour and that is Ridhewood today. Until you get some normal folks in there that can actually be effective at governing a municipality, this is unfortunately what we are stuck with.

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