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Welcome to the New Maple Field in Ridgewood

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photo courtesy of Ridgewood Parks & Recreation

June 18,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held on Friday afternoon for the new Maple Turf Field! Village Council, Village Management, Director of Parks and Recreation, Assistant Superintendent of Parks, representatives from the Fields Committee, PRC Board and sports groups were there to join in on the celebration!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Maple Field in Ridgewood

  1. Beautiful photo. So happy the field is up and running again. I wish it had been grass, not astro turf, but so be it.

  2. What happened to the Mayor’s foot..?

  3. I agree 7:48. I did learn that they used Geofill, an organic product made from coconut. Still not the greatest for an active flood plain but at least it’s not crumb rubber. Maybe the mayor hurt her foot giving some nay sayer a kick in the behind.

  4. Looks good but did Parks & rec add much needing lighting to the parking lot? After all Habernickle Park has had lights in the parking lot for 3 years. This field gets used a lot past dusk and could benefit from lights after all Tim said ALL Parks will be getting parking lot lights So either take them down at Habernickle or put them up at ALL Parks!!!!! Let’s face it our kids safety is way more important then the business at the gatehouse in Habernickle Park.

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