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Westwood Mayor Ray Arroyo : 5 homes, involving 18 residents, were evacuated by boat

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photo  courtesy of Westwood Mayor Ray Arroyo

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Westwood NJ, Westwood Mayor Ray Arroyo recounts a very busy night in which 5 homes, involving 18 residents, were evacuated by boat : 

Last night’s storm swept through the area with an intensity that was not forecasted, but one we were thankfully equipped to handle. Reports show Westwood having received an average of 6 inches of rainfall.

In Westwood, 5 homes, involving 18 residents, were evacuated by boat, with Westwood Volunteer Fire Department and Westwood Police Department working together seamlessly. Many more residences were flooded and residents were forced to bail out basements and seek shelter elsewhere.
In addition to flooded homes in Westwood, Brookside Park was inundated, and many businesses along Broadway – including Westwood Plaza/Kmart – took on water.
I spoke with an exhausted WFD Chief Michael Griffin. His Department was out in force serving our Westwood residents and rendering mutual aid to FDs in surrounding municipalities:
In the last 24 hours, WPD answered approximately 50 calls including 5 disabled vehicles in water where the driver had to be pulled from the vehicle and 3 mutual aid calls in Emerson where the WFD boat was used to rescue residents, including assisting with water rescue of 10 people from a passenger van on Forest Ave.
Over 250 cones were used to shut roads and reroute traffic away from danger.
DPW has been working around the clock.
The Mupquapsink Brook and Bogert’s Pond are now receding and cleanup will continue across town, and the region, over the next few days.
PSEG continues to service local residents whose meters were underwater and required change outs.
Thank you to the many dozens of borough employees, dedicated volunteers, and members of the Office of Emergency Management who worked throughout the night and day – while their own families, homes, or businesses were also impacted by the very same storm and dangers – to protect lives and property in Westwood.
Having been out on the roads with our Chief of Police during this emergency, seeing our WPD, WFD, DPW working professionally and compassionately , I assure you Westwood could not be in better hands.
To report a gas leak or other hazardous condition, leave the area and get to a safe location 1-800-436-PSEG (7734) or call the emergency line at 1800-880-PSEG(7734).
Suez water trucks are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week if you need help please call 1-800-446-8004.
If you have general questions please call Borough Hall 201 664 7100 x150
If you need immediate assistance please call 911.

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  1. Does the Village of Ridgewood Ever purchased a boat. Emergency services, or the fire department, if we didn’t Let’s acquire one, thank you

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