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Westwood Police Department Investigates TikTok based “Orbeez Challenge” Incident

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Westwood NJ, Westwood Police Department comments on an alarming trend on TikTok known as the “Orbeez Challenge” and an investigation of an incident on March 18th:

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“On behalf of Chief Michael R. Pontillo and all the members of the Westwood Police Department, we would like to make the community aware of a safety concern. Recently, there has been another alarming trend on TikTok called the “Orbeez Challenge.” In this challenge, the trend suggests that participants shoot at people with Orbeez water gel pellets from an airsoft style gun.
The Westwood Police Department investigated such an incident on the evening of Friday March 18th.
These pellets can cause harm and injury to others or to property. Anyone who engages in this conduct can be subject to criminal penalties which relate to the conduct. Pointing any type of firearm, even a toy, at someone is inherently dangerous. Let us all help keep these kids and our community safe.
This information is being shared to make parents aware of what is happening in hope that parents will engage their children in meaningful discussion to prevent acts like this from occurring.
Past dangerous TikTok challenges have been as follows:
• The Milk Crate Challenge
• The Magnet Challenge
• The Watermelon Mustard Challenge
• The Dry Scooping challenge
• The Blackout Challenge
• Slap A Teacher Challenge
• The Shoot Up Your School Challenge
• The Tide Pod Challenge
• Skull Breaker Challenge
• And many others…
Let this be a reminder to parents to watch their childrens online and social media activity. Please discuss these destructive, inappropriate and dangerous challenges with them and help them understand why these are never a good idea.
If WPD can be of any help…..just reach out. Thank you!”


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