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>What is with it, with all this referral to ballot stuffing anyway?

>What is with it, with all this referral to ballot stuffing anyway? It was quite Clear that residents rights to respond to the CMX field survey, per each household, were exercised in a free government format of the people, by the people and for the people. By the way, This is America – U.S.A.! Clearly people have that right to voice their individual opinions and they were submitted in response to that survey! Responses as revealed by the CMX consultant Clearly demonstrate the Outcry by people to save the natural nature Grove Park for and under its natural open space agenda to PRESERVE it.

This Outcry of the people, by the people who DO Care for PRESERVATION, was in response to the November public meeting proposal to build sports ball, soccer fields, picnic structures, and parking structures, in Grove Park, because of the pressing need for more sports programs and lack of field availability. I do believe those issues have been addressed in the draft proposal, and agree it is clear that Priorities are needed for sports fields such as at the High School and BF fields.
However, the response shows 105 individual households from the Hawes area responded – because they Care, just as they Cared against sports fields being built, back 12 years ago when a very large crowd of All Concerned residents showed up at city hall council meeting, and spilled over into the hallways, to oppose the sports council prepared agenda of proposed engineered drawings of sports playing fields in the Grove Nature Park Preserve, it was decided at That time, there would be No development of sports fields of any kind and to leave the Nature Park alone.

The natural nature Park Preserve, already has natural earthen trails, that over time has from floodings and fallen trees, does need maintenance, attention for preservation should be cared for and given it. Already joins the county bike path, the draft suggests 2 new additional linkings to bike path which need to be co-ordinated with Paramus and County. Maintenance for preservation should be ongoing and not neglected and Does require money.

Nature is a Gift that should be appreciated, enjoyed, studied and preserved by ALL now and for the future generations. I agree that resonable discussion should be considered by the VOR and without an “eggtimer”. Thank you for your reconsideration.

3 thoughts on “>What is with it, with all this referral to ballot stuffing anyway?

  1. >Ballot-stuffing…?

    Is that what the sports council is calling it…?

    My neighbor and I delivered over 700 surveys to Hawes and Sommerville homes. Nothing underhanded at all.

    The kind folks at The Stable printed the copies for us and we hit the pavement.

    One and one makes two.

  2. >One and one makes two.

    that would be the old math.

    Ridgewood has reform math.

    one and one makes whatever the ruling party wants it to make.

  3. >Firt of all, since the Master Plan was proposed, I do not recall a single suggestion by CMX, the Village or BOE that fields were proposed at Grove Park. It may have occured over a decade ago. But no one is considering it now. That is a false suggestion that the proponents of the preservation of Grove Park keep bringing up. The only “development” of any type that I have heard discussed seriously or read anywhere was of creating more defined paths through the area. This form of “development” was intended to PRESERVE Grove Park and make it more accessable to the community. So let’s end the fictitious debate between the “evil sports groups” whom you claim want to level Grove Park and the “holier than thou” conservationists, who want to preserve it.

    Second, are you suggesting that there was not an organized effort to convince residents around Grove Park that “the area was in danger of being cleared for ball fields” and that surveys were not delivered to and collected from those misinformed residents, and later submitted on their behalf? If so, you are either ignorant of what took place or you are misrepresenting what took place. The guidlines of the survey did not specifically prohibit this. But, that conduct was certainly not in the spirit of the survey and it absolutely was an attempt to create the perception of a larger “outcry” fro the village than is actually represented by the broader community.

    You may not like the characterization of that behavior as “ballot stuffing”. But, it is exactly what was done.

    As a long-time conservationist, I resent your condescending attitude toward anyone who supports the obvious need for more cost efficient and functional athletic facilities. I assure you that I am every bit the conservationist that you claim to be, and probably more so. I don’t want to see Grove Park developed in any way. But, I recognize what the children of this village have to put up with on a daily basis, due to decades of poor civic planning, neglect, underfunding and, so called conservationists, who don’t care about anything except their own self-interests.

    Even if the 105 residents you cite were from 105 distinct households, which there likely were not, that represents less than 2% of the village households. Of the 384 people, who responded to the question about whether they visit Gypsy Pond or Grove Park, over 60% said “rarely or never”. Of the 376 people who responded to whether Ridgewoods MORE open and active recreational space, over 68% responded “yes”.

    So, while I agree that conservation is important and should be a part of our Master Plan, the overwhelming majority of respondents feel that our need to address the inadequacies of our active recreational facilities is a higher priority than our need to spend money on our existing wildscapes. That doesn’t mean that we should ignore or reduce our existing wildscapes. It just means that they do not represent the best investment our limited financial resources at this time and, thus, are a lower priority.

    Perhaps if you were more willing to engage in an open dialogue of compromise over where funds can be best utilized, you would have more support from the broader community. But, until that time, I won’t support spending any money at Grove Park. Nor, I am guessing, will the majority of responsible families with children in Ridgewood.

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