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What You Need To Know About Shipping A Car and How To Do It Right

When it comes to shipping a car internationally or across the country, there are things a lot of people don’t know. You want to not only ensure that your car is going to be traveling safe, but you also want to ensure that you are paying the right price for it. There are a few things that you need to know to accomplish both of these. Here are some things on what you need to know about shipping a car along with a few tips to ensure you do it right.

Hire a Shipping Company

The first thing we recommend when it comes to shipping a car is to simply hire a company to do it for you. It might sound tempting to make a drive across the country in your vehicle or find some creative way to ship it yourself, but at the end of the day, you are only going to cause yourself hardships. There are plenty of different car shipping companies out there that will not only help you ship your car but will ensure that it is done properly. You can find a guide on this site for more information regarding shipping cars and how to get a good price. Don’t try to do everything yourself, especially when it comes to moving. With so many different things to worry about, give your car up to a company and let them do the work for you.

Empty it Out

There are several different opinions on how you should prepare your car for being shipped, however, we like to say that you should empty it out beforehand. When you are shipping a car, it is often chained down and while it won’t be moving anywhere, it can start to bounce around depending on road conditions. If you have any belongings in your car, you can bet they are going to move around as well.

We recommend taking the time to empty everything out from the inside of your vehicle and pack them away in boxes. Not only that, but you shouldn’t be using your car as a place for storage either. While the chances of things getting damaged are low, you don’t want your car to arrive to find that some items inside were damaged. Empty it out and don’t worry about how things are going to travel.

Check the Gas and Battery

When it comes to gas, you don’t have to fill up a fresh tank for the company while getting it shipped, however you are going to want to ensure that there is some gas left in the tank. When it comes to shipping cars, a company will simply turn your car on and drive it up onto the trailer. If your car cannot start, they will have to find a different method to get it onto the trailer or go and fill it up with gas themselves. The same can be said about your car battery as well. If either of these options happens, you are stuck looking at a non-start fee on your vehicle and this can be rather hefty. Take the time to ensure your car starts so both you and the company won’t have any problems.

Communicate Any Oddities With Your Car

If there are any issues with your car, you should take the time to communicate them with the company that is going to be shipping it. It doesn’t matter if they are small things either, you need to mention it. You have been driving your car for years so you have a good understanding of how it moves and if there are any issues with it. A new person in the vehicle however doesn’t know these things. Take the time to communicate this with the company, they will be appreciative of this and you will feel better with the knowledge that they know how to handle your car.

Take Photos Of Your Car

Most shipping companies will have a waiver stating that they are not legally responsible for damage to your car, however that only provides so much coverage. If there is massive damage to your vehicle or it was damaged due to negligence, you are entitled to getting it repaired by them. To prove this, however, you are going to have to show evidence that it was damaged during its travels. Take photos of the car beforehand so that you are able to present evidence in case a problem happens.

These are all things that you need to know about when it comes to shipping a car. At the end of the day, there shouldn’t be any issues at all, however, you should always be prepared in case something happens. How do you plan on getting your car ready for shipping?

2 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About Shipping A Car and How To Do It Right

  1. Agree with taking photos, as the shipper will NEVER admit to damaging a car, and a seller will blame the shipper. What happens if a damaged car arrives and you dont accept it???

  2. Have shipped a car to and from Europe, totally worth it, the cost of shipping is peanuts compared to the higher price you pay for a car over there.

    Kind of a no brainer, but when you’re shipping internationally you need the title free and clear. I’m speaking about legitimate shipping. I have no idea what car thieves do to fence what they steal here overseas.

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