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Why Don’t Reporters Care Who Killed The DNC’s Seth Rich?

DNC's Seth Rich


Scandal: Here’s a story that would seem ripe for media bloodhounds to pursue. A disgruntled insider may have leaked damaging information about his employers, and was later murdered on his way home by two unidentified assailants.

Put President Trump’s name somewhere in the mix and it would be the latest scandal-to-end-all-scandals, capturing wall-to-wall coverage, eliciting new calls for independent prosecutors and impeachment, and probably making Jimmy Kimmel cry again.

But since the person involved worked for the Democratic National Committee, it’s being ignored by everyone in the press except a cadre of conservative reporters.

The story involves Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who was gunned down near his home in Washington, D.C., last July — shot twice in the back by two assailants seen following him on a security camera, in what has been described by police as a botched robbery, although the killers didn’t take anything from Rich. His murder remains unsolved.

4 thoughts on “Why Don’t Reporters Care Who Killed The DNC’s Seth Rich?

  1. A little late. The “investigator” already said that he made a mistake saying that Seth was meeting with Wiki Leaks. Fox news has pulled back on the story because a Fox commentator made the accusation up, just speculation. Fox was searching for a sensational story so that they did not have to report about trump. They found many conspiracy sites willing to repeat the unfounded story.

    The latest internet conspiracy is over.

  2. Exactly.
    If it cannot hurt Trump, then it is not news.
    If he is not a fringe individual (LGBTIBLMETCMOUSE), then it is not news.
    If it is not racial, then it is not news.
    You know the drill… if it does not have any propaganda value to advance a socialist agenda item, then it is not news.

  3. Look it up yourself.

    Even Fox news backed off, and they started it

    1. they did not start it sorry you need to update your talking points

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