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Why since 2014 has the Hudson County Office of Superintendent of Elections not had a Republican as required by law?

Dear State Senators Cunningham, Stack, and Sacco,

Why since 2014 has the Hudson County Office of Superintendent of Elections not had a Republican as required by law? As State Senators serving in Trenton your job is not to be far-left partisans for the Democrat Party of which you are members but to represent the bi-partisan interests of the citizens in your respective electoral districts. Those interests are not limited to, but most certainly include, faith in the electoral system in our home, Hudson County. Yet since 2014 only a partisan of your party, the Democrats, has been running the Office of Superintendent of Elections, with no institutional checks and balances, and with no input from Republicans in Hudson County.

I ask you in earnest, how can anyone have faith in the counting of votes and the security and sanctity of the election process in Hudson, when not only is our county known across New Jersey as a bastion of old school Tammany Hall style machine politics, but when we are in direct violation of state law? By state law, the top two statutory positions in the county Office of Superintendent of Elections must be of opposite parties, but for 7 years it has been run solely by a Democrat – the deputy superintendent who has been labeled “acting superintendent.” 

As State Senators from Hudson County, you all bear a moral responsibility for this failing and for chipping away at the faith the body politic has in the safety and security of elections. Whether formal or informal, nominations for these types of county positions do not get heard in the State Senate without the approval of the State Senators from the county in question. Undoubtedly, Jose Arango, the nominal Chairman of the Hudson County Republican Party shares the responsibility for failing the people as well. Informally, but still importantly, as a county GOP chairman he has the job of recommending and pushing for a Republican in that office. As we all know, he does not work for the GOP, he works for you and your party – the Democrats, so again the fault rests squarely on your shoulders.

If you are content to say nothing is amiss amongst elections in our home, Hudson County, then I ask you – why have you held up the implementation of state law? Why have you prevented Republicans and independents from having faith in our electoral system by keeping the oversight of elections in our county a preserve exclusively of your Democrat partisans?

It is my hope, and that of tens of thousands of Republicans and independents across Hudson County, that you will work posthaste to address your error. By appointing a Republican to the office of Superintendent of Election you can help begin to restore faith in the sanctity of the voting booth in our home, Hudson County.

Thank you,

Joshua Sotomayor Einstein

NJ GOP State Committeeman

2 thoughts on “Why since 2014 has the Hudson County Office of Superintendent of Elections not had a Republican as required by law?

  1. Why? Because it’s Hudson County

  2. Why?
    Because Democrats are actually corrupt Socialists and work on the premise that the ends justify the means, so lying, cheating and not following the rules are (in their mind) justified.
    They also get cover from the corrupt socialist media.

    Oh, there’s also the unwillingness of Republicans, conservatives or moderates (aka traditional) Democrats) to fight back.

    Any other questions?

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