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Why You Should Encourage Your Child To Be A Scientist


Everything around is about science, but it cannot be denied that science, as a subject in school, can be quite challenging. On the other hand, science is actually quite interesting and fun. Learning science can create a significant positive impact for your child. This is the reason why when you see signs that your little one is interested in science, encourage his/her curiosity, and inspire your child to be a scientist. Apart from this, there are several other reasons below.

Scientists have a natural love for learning.

Motivate your little one to be a scientist because scientists have a natural love for learning. A great life lesson to teach your children is to continuously learn, explore and discover. They will surely benefit from this trait one day. Science is a great avenue to do so because it offers a wide variety of topics to explore. Consider getting your children a STEM subscription box because this is a great program to continuously learn. With a subscription, you will be getting a new toy, complete with all instructions, to experiment with monthly. This will foster your child’s eagerness to unceasingly learn because for them, it seems like they are merely playing with a toy. These are age-appropriate educational toys, with some even designed for toddlers and preschoolers. There are also those suited for older kids, as well as pre-teens.

Scientists are critical thinkers.

Encourage your kid to be a scientist because scientists are critical thinkers. Critical thinking is important because it allows your child to make logical decisions that paves the way for problem-solving strategies and techniques. Critical thinking is not restricted to science and it is necessary in all aspects and various areas such as in the financial sector, medical field, and in the industry overall. Apart from this, critical thinkers are curious by nature, which is important to understand all the things around us. Critical thinking also enhances creativity, reinforces problem solving abilities, and fosters independence. All these traits are definitely beneficial for your child.

Scientists open the doors to various disciplines.

Persuade your child to be a scientist because scientists open the doors to various disciplines. For instance, science likewise encourages your child to learn mathematics because math is the primary language of science. In addition to this, to understand how stuff works now entails the need to know how things worked before, paving the way for your child to learn a bit about history. Writing and language are also other disciplines which are directly related to science. Thus, it can be said that scientists are not only experts in the field of science, but they are also adept in mathematics, history, and language.

Scientists provide an overview of the future.

The previous discoveries of scientists enabled mankind to experience technological advancements in different fields. Biomedical science brought about several cures for various diseases. Agricultural science, for instance ensures that there is food on the table, while physics and mechanical science are all about your actions and motion and how it can be optimized. Nevertheless, the future greatly depends on the scientists of today, as well as the budding scientists such as your little one.  

Thereby, if you are wondering how you can encourage your child to become a scientist, then try some of the tips below.

1.     Introduce your child to real scientists. Apart from getting him all familiar with the famous scientists of all times, acquaint him with living scientists such as those usually in the science museum or local university. Give your child a chance to interact with them to allow them to have an idea of what it is like to become a real scientist.

2.     Persuade your child to ask questions. Scientists love to ask endless questions of how and why. When your child starts to speak up and become inquisitive, try to answer his inquiries instead of shrugging him off.

3.     Let your child take things apart. While you may be bothered by the mess that your little one might create, try not to think about it. Instead, encourage him to go ahead and take things apart, before trying to put it together again.

To wrap things up, it cannot be denied that science is part of life and it is everywhere. Science is challenging, interesting and fun. This world needs more scientists and their discoveries to continuously progress and heal. Hence, you can never go wrong in encouraging your little one to become a scientist. The traits of a scientist are traits that are meaningful for your child’s growth.

5 thoughts on “Why You Should Encourage Your Child To Be A Scientist

  1. Now if we could only encourage domestic corporations to give up their preference for hiring foreign nationals out of the domestic college undergraduate science programs, we’d be getting somewhere. It would require an overhaul of our visa system, something democrats won’t permit unless they get 30 million new brainwashed low-information voters out of the deal (sorry, no deal).

  2. I have been hard at encouraging my child to love sciences however the experience the kid had at sophomore year with the physics teacher at RHS a certain Mr. M was very discouraging. At end of the year nothing was learned and the kid was left confused. Same feeling had all other classmates. For a “tradition of excellence” school to have such level of teaching is mind boggling. Very disappointed with the loss of time and missed knowledge opportunity. Not to mention the feeling of confusion about a very important science topic.

  3. Well I did. My daughter got interested in Science at an early age and is enjoying her career.
    Jim Wallace plus other teachers in both middle school and RHS pushed her fascination and set her up for success in college. Super Science Saturday is a wonderful outlet to get excited about science and the possibilities. It’s a shame if the teaching standards have declined.

  4. scientist, shmientist….
    the most important thing that Ridgewood schools teach your children is to be “Woke”.

  5. What does “woke” mean?

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