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Winter Weather Advisory: Snow Early Then Very Cold

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the National Weather Service has a Winter Weather Advisory in place for Saturay February 17th  . “Snow, mainly before 8am, then a slight chance of snow showers after 1pm. High near 38. Light and variable wind becoming northwest 8 to 13 mph in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 23 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches possible.”

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14 thoughts on “Winter Weather Advisory: Snow Early Then Very Cold

  1. shoots the shit out of the global warming hoax

    1. It’s why it was changed to Climate Change, because the old name couldn’t hold up. Keeping it nice and vague. Just like Pay Your Fair Share and even Rich. It leaves everything to one’s own interpretation.

    2. No it doesn’t! Global warming is responsible for all kinds of extreme and catastrophic weather events . So even if the earth on average is warming that doesn’t mean you’re not going to see things like snow and cold temperatures during winter. In fact, the snow might get snowier and the cold even coldier. Even if average global temperatures drop, that’s still proof of global warming. Even if every apocalyptic prediction made over the past 40 years has passed its sell by date, that doesn’t disprove anthropogenic global warming. (Anthropogenic, it’s a science-y term, that’s how you know it’s real serious science stuff. You probably don’t understand, being a member of the laity … I mean public.)

      Anyway, if nothing make sense to you and it’s all just too confusing, just hedge your bets and call it climate change and then you’ll never be wrong. Now let’s stop arguing and get back to fighting climate change in the most indisputably scientific manner possible — by you paying more taxes to the government to offset your personal pollution profile. I liken it to purchasing indulgences for the privilege of sinning but any similarity to that funny old grift is purely coincidental.

      1. the biggest hoax ever promoted by our government and the hypocrites who fly around the world in private jets telling us we have to stop eating meet, farming must be stopped, gas appliances are taboo…..

        check the receipts on donations to the democratic party and u will find corporations that are direct benefactors from these policies

        1. these are the same global elitists that promoted the ‘coming ice age’ back in the 1970s. How’d that work out for them? If these dopes paid attention, the world climate has cycles and nothing can be done to change it. period

        2. How dare you!? Greta Thunberg should be in schoooohoohooool! Instead of amassing a million dollar plus net worth as the UN’s du jour climate actor … uh … I mean activist.

  2. Most of North America was once covered in ice. Humans are nothing more than another species on Earth whose time is limited, no matter what you do. So drink up and enjoy!

    1. …but where’s the money in that?

    2. And at the other extreme, there was a time when Antartica had no ice. You could call that global warming but there were no cars or jets around.

      1. Well, if cow flatulence is contributing to global warming (because white supremacists can’t stop eating cheeseburgers) I imagine dinosaur flatulence probably contributed to the atmospheric warming conditions that prevented Antarctica from forming in the first place, which left many prehistoric polar bears with no choice but to drown.

  3. Dude, is science-y like a real word, that is so cool, going to use it in my next thesis.

    1. It totally is, dudey dude:

      For the sake of disambiguation, be sure to see also: sciencey and sciency.

  4. I know I’m seeing UFOs

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