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Woman Accused of Vandalizing 3 Religious Facilities Arrested in Monmouth County

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Middletown NJ, Authorities arrested a Middletown (Monmouth County) woman they said repeatedly vandalized houses of worship in the township and then resisted arrest. Natalee Hamilton, 34, was taken into custody on July 28 after she became “uncooperative and violent” and assaulted three officers, according to the Middletown Township Police Department.

Hamilton is accused of throwing rocks at three religious buildings over the course of two months, smashing windows at each facility. Police said she first targeted the Westminster Presbyterian Church on June 1, and then damaged New Monmouth Baptist Church on July 14.

Hamilton allegedly vandalized those two churches again, as well as Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, five days later. Following those overnight incidents, authorities said she once again threw rocks at windows at Westminster Presbyterian Church on July 26 during the day while worshipers were inside. No injuries were reported. Investigators are still determining whether the vandalism is a bias crime.

Hamilton is charged with four counts of criminal mischief, three counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, and one count of resisting arrest.

2 thoughts on “Woman Accused of Vandalizing 3 Religious Facilities Arrested in Monmouth County

  1. Wow! 34 yrs old and still throwing rocks at buildings? I’m so glad she’s been arrested. I’m also glad that she assaulted 3 officers, because now her punishment will be more severe. If you don’t have religious beliefs, fine. You don’t have to attend. You don’t go around destroying property though, no matter what your reason is. Hope this Karen learns her lesson, and maybe grows up a little bit.

  2. It is a hate crime. Period, stop pretending it wasn’t she needs jail time. Especially for assaulting The officers. Mental illness, anger management or privilege? You decide.

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