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Woman Assaulted in Hackensack Staples in Dispute Over Mask

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hackensack NJ, The Hackensack Police Department requests the publics help in identifying the suspect, described as an African-American female, 5’5 to 5’8 approximately 160 pounds. Anyone with information is asked to call the Hackensack police department at 201-646-7777 .

The victim  had liver transplant surgery four months ago and was walking with a cane, said she asked the woman to put on her mask. The woman became angry and went after Kagan, who pointed the cane within inches of the woman’s chest.

10 thoughts on “Woman Assaulted in Hackensack Staples in Dispute Over Mask

  1. Black lives matter right?
    Fucking POS

  2. Hate crime, racist bitch

  3. Just wear a mask, it should be mandatory indoors.Period.

  4. This is strange because according to all the stories of non-mask compliance in the mainstream media and social media is the offenders being Trump supporters. I guess that violent lady must be MAGA.

  5. Going to watch a couple of Charles Bronson movies tonight…

  6. Came to US as an immigrant from Colombia. 30 years, never experienced racism from anyone… except very occasional entitled African American young lady. A unique demographic indeed. Not men. Men could be aggressive, but not racist. Not older African Americans either. They are very polite. Only young to 30s women. Who would’ve guessed?

  7. They will find her. And when they do she’s going to get it. They should give her a community service and her job is going to be to hand out facemask, oh yes

  8. w l matter even at 70

  9. Someone suggested on another site for the police to check the copy machine for the credit card. That should identify her if she used one.

  10. There is no excuse for being violent regardless of if asked to wear her mask or just saying she should wear one. She had no business or reason to assault anyone. I hope they find her and put her in jail for assault charges and any other charges they can find to bring against her. She needs to be really punished or she will continue to stay this way or worse. No excuse for her behavior. Staples should have security present at all times to ensure people wear a mask and the police are immediately called for arrests .

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