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Women’s Fashion Tips For A Casual And Chic Look

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These days nothing is more popular than an elegant but casual chic look. It makes you feel pretty and more feminine while still in the comfort of that favorite pair of jeans. Some ladies shy away from adopting a trendy appearance, thinking that it costs crazy dollars, but this is certainly not the case. For enjoying a chic casual look, you should be able to find many options right in your closet without spending a dime. All you need to have is keen eyes and a sharp fashion sense to mix and match casual wear with work clothes. Below are some tips to get you started with this chic fashion trip.

The Essence of a Casual Chic Look

To follow a fashion trend, you need to understand what it requires and its essence. For chic casual looks, you should be able to mix some formal elements with more feminine ones. So, a good example would be going for a casual pair of jeans, a feminine sleep blouse, and a leather jacket (or not). You can also add some accessories to the look, like sunglasses and embellished flats. You may want to consider going for the ballet flats because they are pretty popular these days. 

Get Creative with the Causal Chic Style

The chic and casual style would be a perfect pick for a daytime date or a brunch which usually doesn’t call for formal wear, but you still want to make an impression, and during such an hour of need, the casual chic look would be a perfect solution. You may find great ideas to start with at or similar sites in order to come up with some best looks. You can achieve a unique look by getting creative and striking a contrast with work clothes and something from your weekend picks. For instance, a velvet blazer would look amazing with a pair of jeans and flats. 

You don’t have to make it monotonous either, and there is no need to go out of your comfort zone. Just select things that accentuate your persona. You may also wear a graphic shirt paired with a casual skirt and embellish the look with some fun jewelry and wedges. Be careful to keep the fabrics in contrast, like going for gray flannels and charmeuse blouse or palazzo pants and crisp tailored shirts. Another elegant look is picking the jeans you love, ballet slippers, and a beaded vintage cardigan. You may go for a ponytail and add a silk scarf to the look as well.

Be Mindful of the Dos and Don’ts

Every style statement has certain things you should watch out for and some standards to follow. While wearing a chic and casual style, you should consider where you would be wearing that outfit. If you have picked jeans and a sexy top, it may be excellent for a friendly brunch but not the most appropriate option for the workplace. It doesn’t mean that you can’t carry the casual chic look in a professional environment, but you have to be careful about picking the attire to reflect the setting. 

For the workplace chic and casual outfit, you can pair some professional clothes with a few fun accessories. It’s a good idea to brainstorm and try a few outfits over the weekend before you wear them to the office. You have to be cautious with the makeup as well, and it’s a brilliant idea to go with the light makeup and embellish it with red lip color. Also, if you are wearing a white and black combo, you can experiment with the shoes. 

A casual-chic look is a merger of formal with informal, classics with the trends, and mainly about creating a surprise element alive. A big mistake is when people often overdo the jewelry and forget to keep it simple. Adding accessories and jewelry is an excellent way to embellish the whole look, but it may make you look like a fashion disaster if you are not cautious. 

While trying to get hold of the essence of a casual chic look, you should not forget to have fun. Some women would be trying to get the look right so hard that it doesn’t feel natural or trendy anymore. So, make sure that you are being creative and having some fun with the clothing combinations while at it. To nail the look, you should be well aware of your preference and styles that compliment your personality. There is no one way to go right about this, and you must stay true to the spirit of this attire. This style trend is supposed to be fun, and a welcomed alternative to other boring outfits and unflattering suits. 


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