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Woodland Park Councilman Resigns Amid Controversy

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Woodland Park NJ, in a surprising turn of events, Woodland Park Councilman Ronnie Arnau has resigned from his position, citing troubling issues within the local government and Democratic Party. Arnau, who had served for less than six months, also announced his withdrawal from the upcoming November general election race for a full term.

Arnau’s decision stems from serious concerns, including discriminatory remarks targeting the LGBTQ community and people of color, as well as allegations of bullying and retaliatory behavior. These issues, coupled with what Arnau described as mismanagement and a toxic culture of finger-pointing, prompted his departure.

In a letter obtained by the New Jersey Globe, Arnau expressed disappointment over the environment he encountered, stating, “Mismanagement of communication, essential information, leadership, organizational structure, prioritization, etc., has resulted in a toxic culture of finger-pointing, unprofessional conduct, and attrition.”

He further detailed instances of conspiracy and intentional distress inflicted upon him and others within the administration. Arnau highlighted a contentious atmosphere during campaign meetings and caucuses, where personal grievances often overshadowed constructive discussions about policy and community issues.

His resignation necessitates several procedural steps to fill his vacant positions. The Woodland Park Democratic County Committee must conduct elections for a new municipal chair and select a replacement candidate for the upcoming election. Additionally, the borough council will appoint an interim council member to complete Arnau’s term.

Responding to Arnau’s resignation, Woodland Park Mayor Tracy Kallert acknowledged receiving his letter and emphasized the borough’s commitment to serving its residents despite the challenges posed by the vacancy.

Arnau’s departure raises questions about the future direction of local governance and Democratic politics in Woodland Park. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency, professionalism, and inclusivity within elected offices and political organizations.

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6 thoughts on “Woodland Park Councilman Resigns Amid Controversy

  1. What a way to conduct municipal business. Bashing gays and persons of color, and retaliating against dissenters. And our Village Manager Keith Kazmark was a participant in these shenanigans?

  2. Isn’t this the same ghetto town that KK came from ?

  3. Wow, a town that hasn’t allowed the patients to take over the asylum!

  4. Did he draw his beard on?

    1. never trust a man with a beard

  5. You can’t take the Patterson out of West Patterson….

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