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WPVI Preventing Voters from Watching Bell vs. Booker Debate


WPVI covering for Cory Booker?

WPVI Preventing Voters from Watching Bell vs. Booker Debate

October 31, 2014

New Jersey Republican U.S. Senate nominee Jeff Bell on Friday issued a response to WPVI’s decision to remove the 2014 U.S. Senate debate from further viewing.

Bell said:

“On Wednesday, WPVI (Philadelphia’s ABC affiliate Channel 6) ordered C-Span to remove New Jersey’s only 2014 U. S. Senate debate from the C-Span website. Since Channel 6 is not offering the debate for viewing on its own website, this means that the only debate between Senator Cory Booker and me is no longer available online to the voters who will decide this election next Tuesday. This is a decision by a major news organization to suppress a program that the very same news organization, itself the main media sponsor of the debate, has described as an essential service to the public.

“I commend C-Span for televising the debate five times in the last four days, and regret the decision of the debate’s producer, Channel 6, to deny a similar opportunity to its own viewers and to the voters of our state.”

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