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Wuhan Virus Coverup Turning Into An Epic Scandal

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Ridgewood NJ, Nicholas Wade, a top science writer who has worked for the New York Times as well as Nature and Science magazines, has a blockbuster piece in  Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists on the origins of the Wuhan virus.

The major reason that the virus’ origins remain obscure is, of course, “a vigorous campaign of concealment by the Chinese authorities.” But Wade writes that “China received considerable help, strange to say, from senior medical research officials in the United Kingdom and United States who mishandled and effectively derailed the initial inquiry into the virus’s origins.”

The mishandling began at a pivotal teleconference held on February 1, 2020. The organizer was Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust, a large medical research charity in London. Details of the conference have been confirmed by both Farrar and emails released in June under the Freedom of Information Act from the office of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was a participant in the teleconference.

Wade writes: “The conference was held to discuss the unanimous view of a group of virologists that the SARS2 virus had been manipulated in a lab. Yet within a few days of the meeting, the virologists abruptly reversed their conclusion. The meeting’s participants were later involved in two letters to scientific journals that stated the virus must have emerged naturally and that condemned any suggestion of manipulation as a conspiracy theory. These two letters, to The Lancet and Nature Medicine, shaped the views of the mainstream media for more than a year.”

In other words, some of the same people who told us to “follow the science” were the ones who were perverting it and then bullying and silencing those who disagreed with them. This is a giant scandal that needs to be amplified. Heads should roll.

11 thoughts on “Wuhan Virus Coverup Turning Into An Epic Scandal

  1. You think !

  2. For the pain and suffering the world endured for so long there should be consequences for the perpetrators for crimes against humanity … Remember what Sadam received?
    Plus the past election of 2020 should be extensively investigated because if the virus was man for the purpose of removing a head of state that has to be accounted for also …. I have always felt the virus was to convenient …

  3. I have no doubt in my mind that the virus was developed and released purposefully to undermine world economies, cull the weaker and disadvantaged citizens of the world and create chaos and inhuman suffering among the populations worldwide. This is a deliberate act of terrorism at its worst and all parties are culpable should be dealt with in the most severe manner.

  4. Yes totally so political activated, conveniently timed, Biden, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, I’ll sleep in the same bed. And yet they’re doing Terrible job regarding organization with Covid, our borders are a mess, shootings out of control, and regarding Afghanistan what a screwup. This is what happens when your people in power that have no experience.

  5. I think it’s definitely time, actually passed time to investigate & act on this in my book this is treason & should be treated as treason! The Who, CDC , NIH. Fauci the whole conglomerate should be investigated from top to bottom, for all the pain & suffering & for what they done to this country

  6. This is disturbing so say the least. If there’s a spec of proof it needs to be thoroughly investigated. All parties involved should be charged accordingly and arrested. Period!

  7. We need to have another Nuremberg trial. They Hung doctors who preformed human experiments. As matter of fact they declared it a basic human right not to have experimental drugs forced upon anyone

  8. Another cause to laugh about…. remember….”I’m from the government and I’m here to help?”

  9. This is outright treason and should be dealt with accordingly.for all who are involved the end of a rope l say ,public hanging ,and all funds and profits made from this returned to we the people as compensation.

  10. They should be put in jail for the heartaches they are deliberately causing.

  11. Wow. I already knew this. They all should be held accountable. To the full extent of the law.

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