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Wyckoff Residents Hit by “Bail Scam”


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Wyckoff NJ, the Wyckoff Police Department has received multiple reports from residents that they have been contacted via phone by our Department in regards to “posting bail”. The caller tells the resident that their relative or loved one has been arrested, and they need to pay to have them released. They will typically demand that you pay this “bail” via Bitcoin or in the form of a digital gift card. This is not a legitimate call and is a common scam.

Here is also a list of suspicious activity to look for in regards to telephone scams:
1.) Law enforcement stating you have fines for outstanding warrants.
2.) Law enforcement stating the court is holding you in contempt for failure to appear for jury duty.
3.) Law enforcement saying you are not allowed to speak with anyone else regarding the matter.
4.) Law enforcement demanding you remain on the line until the “bond” is paid.
5.) Requests for monetary gift cards (visa/green dot etc.), bank deposits, and voucher purchases to clear court fines or avoid jail time.
6.) Requests for videos or pictures of individuals conducting a personal strip search of themselves to clear court fines or avoid jail time.
The Wyckoff Police Department does not typically reach out via phone to secure “bail”. When you receive a phone call with a number that appears to be the Wyckoff Police Department, the number may be “spoofed” or hidden. If you ever receive a phone call from our Department that you feel is suspicious you can do the following:
1.)Request the Officer’s Name and Badge number
2.)Tell the officer that you will contact his dispatch to verify the information
3.)Hang up the phone and dial (201) 891-2121. This is the non emergency number for the Wyckoff Police Department. After dialing the number yourself, you can confirm the Officer’s information with our Police Dispatch.
For further information, or to hear an example of this type of scam, please click this FTC link:


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