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Wyckoff Voters Elect Alternate GOP Slate in Primary Upset

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Wyckoff NJ, in a surprising move, Wyckoff voters broke from the official GOP nominees and elected three alternate “Republicans for Wyckoff” candidates in Tuesday’s primary. This sets the stage for these candidates to run for seats on the Township Committee in the upcoming November elections.

Primary Results

Incumbent Thomas Madigan secured his bid for a fourth term alongside newcomer Mae Bogdansky. Roger Lane, who was appointed to fill a vacancy in January, will be running for the two years remaining in the term of Committeeman Scott Fisher, who resigned in December.

Despite the inclusion of Wyckoff County Committee Chair Drita McNamara on the slate with two-term Committeeman Timothy Shanley and newcomer Christopher Joachim, voters leaned towards the alternate candidates. This occurred during a presidential election year, where being on the official “Republicans for Responsible Government” GOP column was deemed crucial for political success.

Vote Counts

For the two three-year terms:

  • Thomas Madigan: 1,150 votes
  • Mae Bogdansky: 1,147 votes
  • Timothy Shanley: 928 votes
  • Drita McNamara: 873 votes

For the two-year unexpired term:

  • Roger Lane: 1,117 votes
  • Christopher Joachim: 914 votes

Notably, no Democrats have filed to run against them in November.

Candidate Reactions

Thomas Madigan expressed gratitude, saying, “Thank you Wyckoff neighbors for your support and reaffirmation of our focus on Wyckoff, not the failed county cronies!”

Roger Lane emphasized unity, stating, “I want to thank the voters of Wyckoff for putting their faith in me. Now it’s time to bring all Wyckoff Republicans together and I pledge to work toward that end.”

Mae Bogdansky, vice president of the Wyckoff Republican Club, voiced her concerns and optimism: “I was deeply concerned that our Wyckoff Republican Party was tested. We work together to unite, not only as Republicans, but also as neighbors. Thank you to the many friends who pushed for us in these past few months and to the Wyckoff voters for their support and faith in us.”

Looking Ahead

As the November elections approach, the “Republicans for Wyckoff” candidates will aim to consolidate their support and bring unity to the local Republican Party. Their victory in the primary marks a significant shift in local politics, signaling a desire for change among Wyckoff voters.


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6 thoughts on “Wyckoff Voters Elect Alternate GOP Slate in Primary Upset

  1. No Democrats in Wyckoff…?

    Calling my realtor now…

    1. post of the day!
      right behind u

      1. Shhhhh.. don’t say anything or the liberals will infest Wyckoff too.

        1. Ridgewood USED to be reliably Republican. How things have changed

  2. Good for them!

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