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YWCA Bergen County Postpones Nursery School Relocation Until September


YWCA Bergen County Postpones Nursery School Relocation Until September
Febuary 14,2013

Ridgewood NJ, The YWCA Bergen County has announced that the relocation of its Ridgewood-based early learning programs to its dedicated Early Learning Center in Upper Saddle River, NJ has been postponed. The change was made in response to parent concerns about the timing of the move, which was scheduled to take place in February prior to the end of the school year.

The YWCA’s decision to make the move was prompted by concerns about increased security for the children enrolled in its early learning programs. YWCA has also placed additional security measures, including onsite surveillance and a security guard to patrol the building when children’s education and child care programs are in session while the Nursery School program remains in the Ridgewood facility.

The relocation will bring all of the YWCA’s early childhood education programs under one roof, offering families a child-focused early learning enviornment. Information and tours can be arranged by contacting the Early Learning Center’s Director, Diane Eide at 201-236-3126 or visit their website at

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