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6 Tips for Finding a Clear Aligner Provider

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Clear aligners are a great orthodontic option for anyone seeking discreet treatment. But how can you find the best provider for you? In this piece, we’ll offer up some tips on how to find a clear aligner provider. With these tips guiding you, we’re confident you’ll have your dream smile in no time.  When searching for a clear aligner provider, remember that the little details matter, and having the right tools, such as reliable dental suction tips, can make your orthodontic journey more comfortable and efficient.

Start With Your Dentist

It’s very likely the dentist you see for your twice yearly cleanings already offers clear aligner treatment. If they do, great! Presumably you’ve already built a solid foundation of trust with your dentist, so you can go over any and all of your treatment questions without feeling like you’re being given a sales pitch. 


If your dentist doesn’t offer clear aligner treatment, then they may be able to recommend one of their peers. Dentists are used to making referrals for anything from wisdom teeth extraction to oral surgery, so it’s likely they already have a recommendation ready to go.

Friends are also a great resource for provider recommendations. Since clear aligners are practically invisible, you may not have even noticed when people in your circle have gone through treatment—so be sure to ask around. It’s possible that a friend of yours had a great experience with their provider and can’t wait to pass along their business card. Even better, some dental offices offer small discounts for those referred by their past patients. 

Use Doctor Locators

Though Invisalign is a household name, there are several other clear aligner providers to choose from like ClearCorrect, 3M and SureSmile. All of these companies offer doctor locator tools on their websites, so you can easily track down a provider in your area. Usually, there are additional filters you can include in your search to narrow down the contenders.

Invisalign, for example, uses a tiered system to rank their providers according to the number of patients they’ve treated. When you use the doctor locator tool on their site, you can focus your search on a particular tier. If you want the most experienced provider available, you can search for a Diamond Plus provider. If you want to work with a provider that has treated fewer people (and therefore may offer treatment at a slightly lower rate) you could explore the Bronze or Silver tiers. 

Book a Free Consultation

Complimentary treatment consultations are a common offering at dental and orthodontic practices. Providers know that this is a big investment for most people, so many are willing to meet with patients free of charge to explain their options. 

At this appointment, your doctor will give you a run down of what to expect. You’ll go over everything; from big picture details like the expected duration of your treatment, down to the nitty gritty of your particular malocclusion. This meeting also presents a great opportunity to discuss your treatment cost and potential financing options. Many offices offer payment plans, or discounts for those who pay for their treatment in full. 

Read Reviews

Who better to inform you of your prospective clear aligner provider than their past patients? Perusing the online reviews of any practice you’re considering can help you get a sense of the office culture, the doctor, and point out small details you may not have thought of. 

Not all reviews are going to detail the specific service you’re seeking, so be sure to filter using keywords—like the brand of clear aligner treatment you’re most interested in. 

Consider Remote Options

Clear aligner treatment has the obvious advantage over braces when it comes to aesthetics. Turns out, they also get the win for convenience, too. That’s because some clear aligner companies offer options that can be completed remotely. 

Since clear aligners are removable, your provider doesn’t need to do any of the adjustment and wire tinkering that they’d need to with braces. Between at-home impression kits and remote check-ins, remote treatments can progress from the comfort of your own home. Plus, since they don’t require appointments, these treatments are significantly less expensive than in-office options. 


Choosing a clear aligner provider is the first step in the process of getting the smile of your dreams. Hopefully these tips give you the jump start you need to make it happen!


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