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Author Explains What’s Wrong with Millennials

Simon Sinek on Millennial and Internet Addiction

January 9th 2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Simon Sinek on Millennial and Internet Addiction tries to answer the question ,”Whats wrong with Millennials”, this is something that has a lot of meaning, and this gives us a look into our lives and the errors that we make.

“So you take this group of people, and they graduate school, and they get a job, and they’re thrust into the real world, and in an instant they find out that they’re not special, their moms can’t get them a promotion, that you get nothing for coming in last, and by the way you can’t just have it ‘cause you want it. And in an instant their entire self-image is shattered.”

4 thoughts on “Author Explains What’s Wrong with Millennials

  1. What’s with the frequent millennial bashing? Not a good way to attract or retain younger readers to this blog.

    1. I don’t think the article is “Millennial bashing “, watch the video , its quite funny

  2. Guilty as charged
    I have been bashing millennials on this blog.
    I an an employer who is totally fed up with this demographic.
    Don’t count on your social security and don’t buy treasury bonds…

  3. 1:45pm… are you a whining Millennial ?
    (or just an enabler?)

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