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Back to School Drive Carefully

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photo courtesy of Village Manager Keith Kazmark

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Village Manager Keith Kazmark spent the morning with Ridgewood Police Chief Lyons visiting each of the Village schools on their first day back. The Ridgewood Police Department, crossing guards and the school staff created a safe and easy arrival for  families and children.

it’s important to be extra cautious when driving, especially during school hours when students are heading to and from school. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Obey Speed Limits: Pay attention to posted speed limits in school zones and residential areas. These are often lower to ensure the safety of children.
  2. Watch for School Zones: Be aware of school zone signs and flashing lights. Slow down and be prepared to stop when you see them.
  3. Stop for School Buses: When a school bus is stopped with its red lights flashing and its stop arm extended, you must stop your vehicle and wait until the bus resumes motion or the driver signals that you can proceed.
  4. Look for Crosswalks: Be vigilant near crosswalks and always yield to pedestrians, especially students.
  5. Avoid Distractions: Put away your phone and any other distractions while driving. Focused attention on the road is crucial.
  6. Be Patient: Expect increased traffic, especially during drop-off and pick-up times at schools. Plan your route and schedule accordingly to avoid rushing.
  7. Follow Parking Rules: Respect school parking regulations. Illegally parked cars can create hazards for both drivers and pedestrians.
  8. Check Your Blind Spots: Always check your blind spots and use your mirrors when changing lanes or turning.
  9. Be Mindful of Bicyclists: Watch for children riding bicycles to and from school. Give them plenty of space and be patient.
  10. Stay Informed: Keep an eye out for school events or activities that may affect traffic in your area.

By following these safety guidelines, you can help ensure the safety of students and everyone on the road during the school year.

4 thoughts on “Back to School Drive Carefully

  1. ummmm, he’s not in charge of schools.
    there’s plenty of work to be done on the village side of the house, you can stay out of the schools please

  2. A little enforcement goes a long way! It would nice to see police presence occasionally during drop off/pick up times at the schools. There are streets that are notorious for speeders and the bad behavior will continue unless we see drivers being ticketed. N Monroe (now that it is paved) is a speedway. I am sure there are other streets in town with a similar issue.

  3. It’s the parents doing school runs that are probably the most dangerous. Just this morning I had three parent-driven cars with school kids in the back whizz by me while crossing on a marked crossing.

  4. With the new late start at the high school, the kids on buses are all getting to school late. Last year there was 42 minutes from pickup to start of school. This year the time has been cut in half w only 20 minutes btw pickup and the start of class. Just a huge oversight and impossible to be on time.

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