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Codey slams DiVincenzo, over Norcross controlled Assembly comments


Boss George Norcross?

Codey slams DiVincenzo, over Norcross controlled Assembly comments 

TRENTON — What’s that? Did state Sen. Richard Codey saying something nice about George Norcross, the state’s most influential Democrat and the lawmaker’s political nemesis?

Well, kind of — but at the expense of another frequent target of his, Joseph DiVincenzo, the Essex County executive and fellow Democrat.

In a profile of Gov. Chris Christie that appeared in last week’s New Yorker magazine, DiVincenzo longingly described Norcross’ considerable clout, noting that the South Jersey insurance executive and newspaper owner could count on the votes of seven senators and 12 Assembly members.

“I don’t have what George has,” DiVincenzo whined to the reporter. “George has seven and 12! I have two senators and five Assembly people.”

To Codey, DiVincenzo wasn’t just saying those legislators were his allies. He was saying he controlled them.

“I think it’s disgraceful,” Codey said. “It’s belittling those senators and those Assembly people. … To say that is so demeaning, and shows you not only is he corrupt and unethical, he’s also dumb as dumb can be.”

Codey then gave Norcross credit. (This is where the reader asks to be pinched.) “I’ve never seen George say that he controls them,” he said. “He has a brain. Joe doesn’t.”

DiVincenzo aimed his own barbs at the veteran lawmaker. (The Auditor/Star-Ledger)

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  1. Codey is a skunk. Bad dye jobs too.

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