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Golf Travel Center Announces Amazing Packages For The Ryder Cup 2023

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Every golf enthusiasts understand that the Ryder Cup 2023 is a few months to come. The cup tournament was rescheduled from October 2022 to 2023 due to Covid 19 pandemic break. However, the plans remain to have the Ryder cup 2023 in Italy during autumn. Marco Simone Golf and country club will hold the games in Guidonia Monticello near Rome. These venues are just 10 miles away from Rome and are the first time Italy is getting a host for the tournament. It is also the third time the tournament has been held outside the UK and Ireland. However, Italy has prepared heavily to host the tournaments, bringing thousands of golf lovers to Italy. The venues have since been renovated and made greener than before to behold the best spectacle for the event. A lot of irrigation and groundwork has been done to ensure that the first time Italy hosted the event, it goes down in the history books as among the best host for the tournament. This 43rd golf tournament series is expected to fill up the capacity of the luxurious hotels of Italy, and spectators will have opportunities to witness the events unfolding as they happen. 

Gold travel center has unveiled various hospitality upgrades as part of the Ryder Cup experiences. The announced package is rated at €2595pp at Crone Plaza Rome St Peters restaurant. The restaurant comes with a tranquil garden outdoor pool and fast, free WIFI connection. Additionally, the resultant provides easy access to the famous Rome and Italy tourist attractions sites. The Marco Simone golf club is only 40 minutes away from the restaurant. While at Crone Plaza Rome St peters, guests can enjoy Rome’s Vatican museum, the Sistine Chapel, and Villa Pamphili city park, all within a reach area. While in Rome, the guest can also choose to visit the Vatican museum and ST peter cathedrals, transverse, colosseum, Trevi fountain, and Spanish steps, among other attraction sites. 

Those planning to attend the Ryder Cup 2023 tournament can enjoy the games live while enjoying the lucrative hospitality of various hotels within the host venues. The gold travel center is taking up orders for the various Golf Packages for the 2023 Ryder Cup tournaments. For the spectators who wish to enjoy the hospitable hotels within the tournament venues, lucrative packages are going up to five nights and six days within the tournament lodges. Nonetheless, the offers announced by the Gold travel center company are only valid as the slots remain. However, the company will not take up any other orders once the spaces within the Crowne Plaza Rome St Peters are filled. 

The Crowne Plaza Rome peters will give the spectators visiting guests an opportunity to witness the opening and closing ceremonies together with all other associated tournament games. The opportunity is rare for every golf lover. Moreover, the restaurant will provide a bed and breakfast to the guest together with easy access to the city center. The closest metro station Cornelia is just a kilometer from the restaurant. Therefore, the guests can enjoy a series of tourist attractions within Rome and Italy. The gold travel center package includes three rounds at Marco Simone Golf course and a Thursday practice round entry.

Moreover, the package will also provide transfers to Ryder Cup event days. The restaurant provides free consultation to its guests on the areas to visit while in Rome and Italy. Therefore, gold enthusiasts wishing to watch the Ryder Cup 2023 at Crowne Plaza will have exclusive consultations about what else they can do while following up on the golf tournament. The gold travel center is committed to creating lifetime memories for its clients for the Ryder Cup 2023 tournament.

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