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Lord & Taylor to Close 3 More Stores

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paramus NJ, Department store chain Lord & Taylor is closing two dozen stores for good including 3 in New Jersey as it continues to search for a buyer to restructure under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and keep its business alive. Deals will be up to 40% off, the company said Thursday morning, as it released a complete list of those shops set to liquidate.

New Jersey stores in Livingston, 111 Eisenhower Pkwy.,Rockaway, 317 Mt. Hope Ave. and Wayne, Willowbrook Mall  are set to close.

Considered the nation’s first department store chain when it opened its inaugural shop in New York in 1826, Lord & Taylor filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this month. It joined a growing list of retailers that have been pushed to the brink during the coronavirus pandemic. The filing came roughly a year after Lord & Taylor was acquired from Canadian Hudson’s Bay Co. by fashion rental subscription service Le Tote.

In an odd twist of irony  Amazon announced a $1.4 billion plan to hire 3,500 employees across six major U.S. cities, a 10-percent expansion of its current corporate workforce of 35,000, according to the New York Times. This includes 2,000 employees in New York City, who will work from the e-commerce behemoth’s newly acquired location at the historic Lord & Taylor building on Fifth Avenue. WeWork bought the landmarked building in 2017 for $850 million, but after a troubling few years, they sold it to Amazon in March for a reported $1.15 billion.

7 thoughts on “Lord & Taylor to Close 3 More Stores

  1. This is a shame…the people that worked there were always nice and prices were good….

  2. Sad. Nice store, awesome environment and setup. Amazon is gobbling up all the leftovers at probably very good deals. Everything is going to sh!t.

  3. My mom worked there for almost 30 years not even a severance package she’s 82 still works there !! No loyalty to there workers! It’s shameful !!!

  4. I know there’s no more loyalty it’s done no one cares about it any employees anymore. And for retail forget about it everything’s online.Half of the stores that are closing they are going to turn into warehouses or housing.

  5. Deborah –

    Twice in the last 3 years I’ve seen my job get outsourced to India.

    You just have to get back on the horse.

  6. Deborah: When companies fold for financial reasons, “loyalty” is not even within the scope of reality. There’s no money left. What happens is a bunch of accountants scramble to do what’s legally necessary to disentangle the mess. Let me put in a way that you might be able to understand. You have lived a good life for many years, making good money. You are surrounded by nice things, take vacations, drive nice cars, etc. Then, it all goes south. Job loss and rehiring for less money. You have to cut back on a bunch on things and maybe find somewhere cheaper to live. This helps for a while, but the financial situation just gets worse. Medical problems wipe you out. You’re done. However, you had this gardener and cleaning lady for years and you really like them. Your financial situation is dire and you have a a little but the bills are still coming in. Do you preserve what little you have or do you sadly let your gardener and cleaning lady go, giving them a nice severance package from your vanishing bank account?

  7. Now where will the handsomely compensated public and union employees buy their work clothes?

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