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NJ Transit Police Officer Intervenes ,Comforts and Aids Suicidal Man in a NJ TRANSIT yard

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Hoboken NJ, You are not alone. Even when facing difficult times and everyday life. Recently, NJ Transit Officer Sullivan was patrolling and found a suicidal man in a NJ TRANSIT yard. While Sullivan could have issued the man a summons or arrest for trespassing, he observed solid indicators that the man was in a mental health crisis. Sullivan listened to the man, he comforted, and he showed empathy when it was needed the most.

Sullivan was ultimately able to reach the man’s parents. They had been unable to locate their son. At that very moment, the mother was generating a missing persons report at their local police station. The man’s parents responded to Sullivan’s location. There the man was reunited, accepted further care and departed with EMS.
NJ Transit Police share Officer Sullivan’s actions as a reminder. You are not alone, and we care. If you are feeling stressed, worried, anxious, sad, or depressed, please remember that help is available 24/7. Call the NJ HOPE line at 855-654-6735 or visit
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