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Catholic Bishop Slams Hillary Clinton’s “Anti-Catholic” Campaign, It Has a “Toxic Prejudice”

Mount Carmel


A Catholic bishop is slamming the campaign of pro-abortion candidate Hillary Clinton over recent emails from her top campaign staff trashing Catholic voters.

Bishop Thomas Tobin says Hillary Clinton’s radical proportion position is one of the several issues he has problems with the Democratic candidate on but he’s also very concerned about the recently leaked emails from WikiLeaks that show top Clinton staffers calling Catholic voters “severely backwards.”

Tobin said the emails “reveal the existence of a toxic, anti-Catholic prejudice within the Clinton campaign.”

“The messages marginalize faithful Catholics, ridicule Catholic beliefs, and promote ideological division in the Church,” Bishop Tobin wrote. “They call for the ‘end of a middle-ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the Catholic Church.’ In light of the widespread anti-Christian, anti-Catholic prejudice rampant in our culture today, should we be at all surprised by this vitriol?”