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Complaints spur parking restrictions in Midland Park


Complaints spur parking restrictions in Midland Park


MIDLAND PARK — The Borough Council will hold a public hearing tonight, Sept. 25, on an ordinance that would restrict parking on Maltbie Avenue and Busteed Drive.

The ordinance, which was introduced Sept. 11 in response to residents’ complaints about parking by parents dropping off and picking up their children from Ridge Elementary School in Ridgewood, would prohibit parking between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 and 4:30 p.m.

The restrictions on Maltbie would apply to both sides of the road north of Franklin Avenue to Busteed Drive. Restricted parking on Busteed would be from the eastern and western curbs of Maltbie.

Maltbie begins at Godwin Avenue and continues north, crossing Franklin Avenue, which becomes West Ridgewood Avenue, before ending at Busteed. Ridge Elementary School is at 325 W. Ridgewood Ave.

“I am happy the council has taken action to resolve the issue and make it safer for residents and school children,” said Lorraine DeLuca of Franklin Avenue.

A resident for 30 years, DeLuca said she has seen an increase in traffic in the last five years.

“It has been unbearable to get in or out of my driveway,” said DeLuca. “I avoid West Ridgewood Avenue from 2:45 to 3:15 p.m. It is dangerous. “

Residents of Maltbie, many of whom live north of Franklin Avenue, attended the March 27 council meeting to share their experiences and frustrations with blocked driveways, illegal parking near stop signs and unsafe road conditions that had been occurring on a regular basis.

Resident Arthur “Skip” Marchetti brought the matter to the attention of Mayor Patrick “Bud” O’Hagan during a monthly “Coffee With the Mayor.”

“Maltbie Avenue is a danger zone,” Marchetti.

“I am concerned about our children and Ridgewood students,” Joan Skudera said. “Someone is going to get hurt.”

“There are no sidewalks and people have to walk in the road,” said James Canellas. “Children are running up and down the road.”

Resident Mark Schaefer said his biggest concern was parking too close to intersections.

“They are parking at the stop sign on all four corners,” Schaefer said. “This is a safety issue.”

Police Chief Michael Marra said signs would be installed to advise motorists of the parking restrictions and violators would be fined up to $100.