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Two vehicles were stolen from two different residential driveways in Saddle River Last Night !

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Criminal Activity Alert – Auto Thefts & Car Burglaries -Saddle River & Neighboring Towns- Lock Vehicles – Remove Key Fob’s

June 6,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Saddle River NJ, Last night two vehicles were stolen from two different residential driveways in Saddle River. Both vehicles were unlocked and the key fobs were left in the vehicles. Several other unlocked vehicles were entered and burglarized by these actors during the overnight.

Saddle River and several neighboring jurisdictions have been experiencing high end auto thefts and auto burglaries. If everyone removes the keys and key FOB’s from their vehicles these thefts will stop. Locking your vehicle when its in the driveway prevents car burglaries from occurring and deters criminals from our area.

Most crimes are prevented or criminals are caught when the public assists the Police by reporting suspicious persons and activity. Discuss this with your neighbors, family and friends. Advise them to secure their homes and vehicles and to report suspicious activity when it is observed, not the following day. The eyes and ears of the community are of great assistance in preventing and solving crimes. Any suspicious activity can be reported to the police desk @ 201-327-5300 or by calling 9-1-1

For additional information or assistance please call Saddle River Police headquarters anytime at 201-327-5300.

Hide – Lock – Take !!!
Saddle River NJ Police
83 E Allendale Rd
Saddle River, NJ 07458