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PSE&G : Downed wires should always be considered “live”

Linwood Ave at Washington Township Boarder Shut Down due to Fallen Tree Monday

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PSE&G Statewide and Bergen County Update

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, PSE&G state wide storm update as of 4pm December 25th :

Strong winds and hazardous gusts throughout PSE&G’s service territory caused downed trees, branches and wires. As of 4 p.m., approximately 5,800 of our 2.3 million customers were without service. The majority of those customers are in Bergen County.

More than 85,000 customers, representing more than 93% of the customers affected by the storm, have been restored.

“We are shifting crews to Bergen County from other areas that were not hit as hard,” said Jack Bridges, PSE&G’s vice president for Electric Operations. “Losing power is always a hardship, more so with today being Christmas. We are working as fast as we can to restore service to those affected, and we thank our customers for their patience.”

PSE&G employees have forgone holiday vacations and are working safely and as quickly as possible to restore power to the customers without power. PSE&G has brought in additional crews to help expedite restoration efforts. In total, PSE&G has over 1,500 workers – linemen/women, technicians, contractors, tree and other mutual aid  crews – dedicated to the restoration effort. An additional 150 mutual aid line workers will join the effort tomorrow.

PSE&G anticipates that most, if not all, customers affected by the storm will have their service restored by Saturday night. However, a few outages may carry over into Sunday morning. See PSE&G outage map for updates. The restoration process is four steps: assessing damage, clearing roads, restoring emergency facilities (hospitals, fire stations, etc.), then restoring equipment serving large numbers of customers and, finally, restoring single outages.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have adapted our storm and safety procedures to follow public health guidelines and industry best practices. We thank our customers for their patience as we operate under these unusual circumstances to safely restore power as quickly as possible.

Downed wires should always be considered “live.” Stay at least 30 feet away from downed lines and immediately call PSE&G at 1-800-436-PSEG (7734) or 911 to report downed wires.

7 thoughts on “PSE&G : Downed wires should always be considered “live”

  1. Counted 11 PSE&G trucks yesterday by sub-station on ParAmus Road.

  2. “PSE&G employees have forgone holiday vacations”
    Really?? Forced to get double time and a half?
    You take a job you do the job. Quit bitching

  3. I know some workers that they love the overtime. A little overtime is OK . when you live for all the over time you’re sick. You have no life. Or your life sucks.

  4. newsflash. these employees make plenty and can afford to live in 07450 if they wanted to

  5. They sure do make the cash…
    So why the fuck would they want to live in Ridgewood?

  6. Why would they want to live in Ridgewood? So they won’t have to look at their neighbors boats, curbside trash cans, trucks, motorhomes and above-ground pools in places like Paterson, Lodi, Waldwick and Saddle Brook.
    Sure sounds like you’re jealous there cupcake. Do you live in a shit-hole town where you put chairs in the street when you shovel the car out of the snow in the street where you park all night?

  7. when are you a-holes going to stop putting garbage cans at the curb
    That fake covid excuse for a crisis ended mid july
    if you like trash at the curb move to paterson or go back to nyc

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