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PSE&G storm update – November 2, 2012

PSE&G storm update – November 2, 2012

Outage update: We are making steady progress. In three days, we have restored service to more than 1 million PSE&G customers following Hurricane Sandy. The storm impacted 1.7 million of PSE&G’s 2.2 million electric customers. We’ve also increased the stability of our transmission system to ensure that the high-voltage lines can deliver the power.

Our estimate is that we will have virtually all of our impacted customers restored to service within the coming week. The majority of customers will be restored before then. After Nov. 9, there may still be isolated pockets of customers who have individual flooding or downed line issues that may take slightly longer.

The storm surge flooded a large number of substations along the Passaic, Hackensack and Hudson rivers, and the Arthur Kill, disrupting service to customers in Hudson, Essex and Middlesex counties. The magnitude of the flooding in contiguous areas is unprecedented. PSE&G had to take these stations out of service, wait for the flood waters to recede to assess the damage, dry out the equipment, replace equipment when necessary and re-energize the system to restore service. We continue to make progress on the substations affected by flood waters from the tidal surge. This is a painstaking process to thoroughly clean the equipment so that it can be safely re-energized.

The total number of people who have come from other states to assist is now more than 2,000. This includes additional line personnel, tree crews and substation operators.

PSE&G’s key areas of focus are:

• Repairing our damaged switching stations and substations in Hudson and Essex Counties so we
can energize them and deliver the power to customers.

• Gas refineries – We have restored power to the Conoco Phillips and Buckeye Pipeline gas
refineries. We are making progress on restoring the other two refineries that we serve in the area.
• Gas stations – We are working with the NJ Gasoline Service Association to identify gas stations
that have the commodity, but need power restored to get the gas flowing.
• Overhead infrastructure – We continue to clear trees, debris and downed wires from state, county and municipal roadways so we can begin repairing overhead infrastructure in Bergen and Passaic

4 thoughts on “PSE&G storm update – November 2, 2012

  1. Ridgewood residents pay enormous amount of taxes, you think the can give people of the town more precedence and get our darn power back on. Also the will not be picking up branches or debris from the storm, what are we supposed to do with them?

  2. where are the out of state crews? I have yet to see any,. Not a single PSEG crew today. Their automated message kept promising my power on by 1159pm. Its 1208am. TYpical PSEG BULLSHIT.

  3. The union won’t let them help.
    Shows you they don’t give a shit about us and just want to line their own pockets.

  4. After 3 days of promising power on by midnite Fri, no power. PSEG is so full of shit. Now the live operater says by November 9. I would ask that all of the Hedge Fund guys in Ridgewood teach PSEG a lesson and short that peice of shit so the stock goes in the toilet, which would affect the compensation of the top executives who ignore ridgewood as usual.

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