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Ridgewood BOE President Mike Lembo Defends Committee Appointment Amid Conflict of Interest Questions

ridgewood boe meeting 9 18 2023

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Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Board Of Education (BOE) meeting on September 18th took an unexpected turn when the issue of personnel committee appointments led to questions about the potential conflict of interest surrounding President Mike Lembo’s involvement. The scrutiny centered on Mr. Lembo’s decision to create a new committee and appoint himself to it, subsequently resulting in the appointment of his live-in partner to a district position as a substitute confidential secretary.

During the meeting, a fellow board member Kwak raised concerns regarding the appropriateness of Mr. Lembo’s actions. Specifically, the board member questioned whether it was appropreate for Mr. Lembo to establish the new committee and then place himself in charge of it, especially considering the subsequent appointment of his partner to a confidential district role.

In response to these concerns, Mr. Lembo defended his actions by asserting that he did not consider his role on the personnel committee a conflict of interest. He stated, “I do not have any family members working within the district.”

The exchange can be viewed in its entirety at Link to the Meeting Video, approximately at the 3-hour and 4-minute mark.

The issue of potential conflicts of interest within educational institutions is a topic of significant concern in many communities. It remains to be seen how the Ridgewood BOE and the community at large will address and resolve the ongoing discussion surrounding President Mike Lembo’s appointment and the subsequent hiring of his live-in partner.

As this story unfolds, the Ridgewood community will be watching closely, and further updates are expected in the coming weeks.


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10 thoughts on “Ridgewood BOE President Mike Lembo Defends Committee Appointment Amid Conflict of Interest Questions

  1. Mr. Lembo is a DISGRACE. He has a wife and a girlfriend. He runs the meetings in such a slipshod messy way. There is zero control over the presentations and he lets agenda items be slipped in willy nilly. He comes to meetings utterly unprepared. He clearly has not done his homework and read the materials that are being discussed. He gets nasty and argumentative when he disagrees with a fellow trustee – I mean, really NASTY I cannot believe this man is a police officer who is supposed to uphold THE LAW AND MAINTAIN PEACE. He cant even run a meeting without losing his temper. And conflict of interest?!??!?! – his girlfriend has been hired for TWO jobs, a sub teacher and some kind of secretary. He gives shout-outs to the girlfriend’s sister at every chance because she ALSO works for the schools doing something with the theater group. He is a hot mess and should be voted out. Actually he should be removed from office before the election.

  2. Conflict of interest – ya think??? He hires his girlfried who he lives with and negotiates her salary. Oh My God.

  3. Does this guy carry a gun to meetings?

  4. What do you expect? He is a union hack…as his most of his family.

  5. Kwak held back last boe mtg
    Let him have it this time. Love it

    Vote him out

  6. There’s a lot more to this. I work with him. Dirty dirty secrets.

    1. Since he is running for the public office and since his decisions will impact future of our students, I think you should let us know those secrets.

  7. Betting his father Lou is unable to rest in peace observing his son’s disgraceful behavior. Lou was a good guy. Mike, NOT

  8. Mike. When did you go so WRONG?

  9. Is Lembo still coming to meetings dressed like Senator Fetterman…?

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