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The New Bee Crisis Is Just Like The Old One: Phony


Henry I. Miller ,


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Never let a good crisis go to waste, Rahm Emanuel famously said.  But what do you do if the “crisis” turns out to be a dud?  Easy–invent a new one.

That’s what we’re seeing currently in Washington and Brussels, where government regulators, deprived of one environmental calamity–by, of all things, data–are scrambling for a new narrative.

For years environmentalists have been raising alarms about the “bee-pocalypse”–a supposed catastrophic decline in honeybee populations–and calling for an immediate ban of a new class of state-of-the-art “systemic” pesticides called neonicotinoids (“neonics” for short) which they blamed for the die-offs.

The media were all over the story, endlessly replaying the environmentalist meme that without bees to pollinate our crops, “one-third of every bite of food we eat” would disappear. Banning neonics and saving bees was tantamount to saving the world from starvation.

The science supporting a ban was questionable, to say the least. Poorly designed experiments that overdosed bees in the lab were contradicted by large-scale field studies that confirmed real-world experience–honeybees actuallythrive in neonic-treated crops. But those lab studies were enough for the regulators in Brussels, who ignored their own scientists and the loud objections of the British, among others, and passed an EU-wide ban which started at the end of 2013.

5 thoughts on “The New Bee Crisis Is Just Like The Old One: Phony

  1. For the record I am a big fan of Henry Miller. He and I correspond quite regularly. Being a consultant to agribusiness I am a big supporter of Modern Agriculture. I find the left’s denial of the reality of the food chain to be on par with the right’s denial of the reality of climate change.

    1. “reality of climate change” science Rurik need some science

  2. Well Mr. Miller not all studies are conducted in the lab like the one that came out a couple of days ago.

  3. James, that’s why you should be so happy a brilliant scientist like Senator Inhofe is head of the Senate Environment Committee. You, know, Senator Inhofe with the famous snow ball.

  4. Time magazine June 24, 1974
    “Another Ice Age”

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