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The three best WordPress Instagram Plugins to use for showcasing interactive feeds

Currently, Instagram has over a billion users and is ranked as one of the fastest expanding social networking platforms worldwide. Today, brands of several verticals create their business profile on Instagram, which spans from fitness, cooking, fashion, music, and many more. Different organizations today switch to Instagram for vibrant images that better promote their brand and marketing message.

The reason why most brands prefer Instagram over other social networking channels is its simple application and use. Users can select an image from their Smartphone, edit it with a creative filter, and share the same online without getting connected to the computer. This format is quicker than other social networking channels. Also, the images used in the brand post look creative and classy. If your brand has a business Instagram account, you should leverage its features. Furthermore, if you have a WordPress site for your company, it is easy to use Instagram plugins to integrate both platforms.

However, before you sync on Instagram with WordPress, you need to ensure that a good follower count on Instagram. That will help to boost your blog subscribers as well. For this, you can count on companies that help you buy Instagram likes and followers. To know more about this, you can check out Insta4likes

Why should you add Instagram images to WordPress?

Brands today use plugins to add Instagram pictures in a WordPress site. The reasons for this are:

The Instagram images are more vibrant and classier as compared to website pictures. It helps to enhance your brand presence online. 

Users have the scope to manage their Instagram content from a single place. Several business owners check their websites very often. Many plugins allow you to set images and reply to comments without leaving the WordPress site. It saves time and offers efficient communication.

You have the chance to opt-in for user-generated content in your business Instagram profile. 

When you add an Instagram feed on the website, it maximizes engagement and makes people browse through your Instagram account and blog more. 

It provides you the chance to maximize the Instagram follower count organically. It helps to give you the mileage that you need. 

These are just a few reasons for which most brands sync in their Instagram feeds into their WordPress website. It is beneficial to eCommerce brands, marketing firms, event management companies, and retail stores. Enabling your followers to browse through quality images on Instagram is just a start. By leveraging this, brands can enhance their social media marketing strategy as well. 

The three best plugins to use

When you start searching for plugins, you will come across several. Hence, it is necessary to study the plugins and choose the one that caters to your requirement. It will save you time and allow you to install the plugin that will work for you. The three best choices for interactive content are:

Instagram Feed

This plugin is a smart choice, as it’s easy to configure and use. If you want to showcase images and tools and even add more than one Instagram account, Instagram Feed is the choice. The free version of the plugin brings several features at your disposal. On the other hand, you can opt-in for the pro version within approximately $79 based on the websites for which you require the assistance. The pro version features bring you the pop-up lightbox that enables improved display and viewing of the post, using hashtags. The reason to opt-in for the pro version is to highlight the picture caption and attain video assistance. 

WP Instagram Widget

If you want an easy-to-use plugin without all the frills, this is the best choice you can make. The WP Instagram Widget offers you only the basics. It means the developers provide you the scope to organize and design the Instagram feed gallery using your CSS. If you are an experienced developer, you will find it even more comfortable to use the plugin. It is ideal for start-up and small businesses that have less staff to manage WordPress and Instagram integration. It allows them to get the job done and also focus on business development activities.

WP Instagram Feed

Are refined aesthetics essential for you? Do you want your Instagram gallery to look beautiful and have visually stunning effects and captions? If yes, you need to choose this plugin. The plugin comes in a free version, which is an intelligent choice as it comprises a little package that has options for hashtag feeds and username. There are thumbnail and image browser layouts along with assistance for limitless Instagram feeds. On the other hand, you can also opt-in for the pro version for many extra extensions and in-built tools. 

These are the three best plugins that are easily accessible! You can use it to sync in Instagram and WordPress and enhance your brand mileage and online presence.

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