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Trying Hemp Products for the First Time? Here’s How to Do It Safely

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Trying cannabis products for the first time does not have to be an intimidating process, however, it should be approached with caution if you are not a seasoned user. Certain strengths, types, and strains of cannabis are meant for experienced users, so you want to make sure you are enjoying responsibly and properly based on your level of experience. When you are trying these products for the first time, you can follow these tips to make sure the experience will be pleasurable and safe.

Choosing the Right Product and Strain

With multiple products available, you want to choose the right product for your personal preference. Different products will affect you in different ways, so it is important to understand how they will affect you and the delivery methods you are comfortable with. You can choose to smoke the flower, vape oil, or eat edibles infused with THC. Understanding the available products and their effects will allow you to make the right decision for you.


Hemp flowers are the traditional way to partake in cannabis, you can roll them with paper, or utilize pipes or bongs, and traditionally smoke the entire flower. This way will have you feeling the effects immediately, and will generally give you a strong high that will hit you right away. This way will give you a mental high and is often the first method through which people will try hemp products. With so many options available finding the best option for you is easy. 

As it is the more traditional method of delivery, with many options to partake in, cannabis flowers are a great starting point when you are trying hemp products for the first time. Once you understand what you are looking for it is easy to find the best THCa flower for your needs. Consider the possibilities and you are sure to encounter the one that works for you. 


Edibles are a way that you can avoid smoking your product, eating food items infused with THC or CBD rather than smoking flowers or concentrates. There is an incredible selection of edibles available, from brownies to gummies to cookies to lollipops, and the selection of edible products is ample. The effects of edibles are quite different than a smoke delivery system. The effects will take more time to take effect, and you will generally feel the effects through your whole body, rather than just mentally. Because these products are metabolized, the effects will also be stronger for longer, and this is an intermediate method of delivery. If you are not used to the effects of cannabis products, edibles can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you choose a high-concentration edible. Edibles should be tried for the first time after you are aware of the effects of cannabis and how you react to them.


Concentrates come in different varieties. From oil to pills to shatter to hash, you can partake in concentrates in differing manners. You should consider the strength of these concentrates before you partake, as these are often the strongest of the delivery methods. When it comes to shatter, for example, you can smoke it via a vape pen, or a bong-like delivery method. These “hits” of shatter are incredibly potent. While smoking shatter means you don’t consume the plant matter, it is also a very pure way of consumption and is incredibly strong and potent. This type of product will give you a very intense feeling very fast, so it is often considered a more advanced way of partaking and should be utilized once you know how you are affected by hemp products.


Sativa is an energizing strain that does not leave you overly tired. Sativa comes with uplifting feelings and is often considered to be invigorating helping with creativity and mental clarity. Sativas are a great way to uplift your feelings and productivity. This strain is a great way to start partaking in hemp products, as it won’t leave the users feeling too tired and introspective.


Indica is considered to be a more relaxing strain, that can give you an overall feeling of relaxation. Indica is often used in the evenings, as a way to induce sleep. Indica will help you to feel mellow, relaxed and often felt throughout the body, rather than just offering mental effects. 

No matter how you shoes to try these products for the first time, just realize it is a very personal decision. Research the effects and delivery messages and decide what is best for you. Hemp products can be a great way to relax, give yourself mental clarity, and reduce anxiety, just enjoy them responsibly and respect your body’s reaction and you are sure to find the best method that works for you.

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